Life Update: Japan Trip & Goodbye (soon) College!

So I went on a two-week solo trip to Japan for the first time last May and loved it so much that I bought another flight ticket to Tokyo in November!

I actually didn’t spend much time in Tokyo and was busy moving from city to city (and eating cheap delicious food, looking at pretty shrines and going to onsens) that I didn’t get a chance to shop at Otome Road or buy anything related to otoges (I was also traveling carry-on only so I had to ship the stuff I bought home) orz . Hopefully I can at least visit this time! If you guys have any recommendation on places to visit please let me know!

Also a life update: I am (well, if I have my way) graduating college this year!!!!!!

Man, they were right when they tell you that college is the “best four years of your life” (4.5 in my case I’m taking half a victory lap ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \) but they definitely left out the part where it is also frustrating, hard, and painful, especially after you pulled an all nighter and or cried yourself to sleep because of the impending doom that awaits you aka quizzes and exams and projects.

But I’m rambling.

I hope everyone is doing well! I was almost done with Kenka Banchou (and was enjoying it very much!) but I kinda got sidetracked while doing Hino character’s route. I realized I still haven’t finished a lot of the PSP games I bought years ago (Desert Kingdom, Bunmei Kaika, Seishun Hajimemashita, etc) and recently I’ve been playing bits and pieces but none I’ve completed 100%.

I’m also super behind on the recent PS Vita stuff lol. I intended to play CollarXMalice when it came out but I still haven’t gotten around to it.

But anyway, I really miss my fellow tome gamers! I haven’t been active at all on Twitter and obviously I haven’t been keeping up on new releases but the other day I was thinking about how I missed talking about both good games and kusoges and fangirling on seiyuus with you guys.

Hopefully I can write about another game sometime soon but until then I wish everyone a wonderful end of summer and beginning of fall!

Clock Zero ~Shuuen no Ichibyou~ ExTime – Bonus Track

Bonus Track is the extra contents added in the PS Vita port. Each character gets an Another Epilogue, taking place after the RETURN / STAY endings, and a short novel. Final thoughts below!


I’m pretty sure the Another Epilogues are the only Vita-exclusive add-ons. Rain also got an Another Epilogue although sadly Kaede didn’t.

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Clock Zero ~Shuuen no Ichibyou~ ExTime – Rain and Kaede

In the PS Vita port, both Rain and Kaede get an ending each, instead of a full route. Rain’s ending branches from Takato’s route while Kaede’s is from Nakaba’s route. In addition, you need to finish the main characters’ routes, get their happy endings (at least one), and read the FIRST MEMORY (始まりの記憶) scenario to unlock Rain’s ending.


Rain’s ending isn’t my favorite part of the PS Vita port but whatever.

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Clock Zero ~Shuuen no Ichibyou~ ExTime – Kaidou Takato

Takato my baby *sobs uncontrollably* (´;д;`)ブワッ


Kaidou Takato is a genius transfer student and Nadeshiko’s classmate. He’s the son of Kaidou Group’s CEO. Cheery and kind, Takato is terrible at cooking despite being an upstanding researcher. He is inducted into CZ as its leader because he’s able to bring everyone together. His hobby is researching.

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Clock Zero ~Shuuen no Ichibyou~ ExTime – Hanabusa Nakaba

I actually played Nakaba’s route last, but I kind of regretted doing that because all of the suspense and motivation is gone from finishing Takato’s route. (´• ω •`)


Nakaba is a carefree, energetic, honest, and happy-go-lucky sixth grader. He’s a simpleton who aspires to be a chef and a caring older brother to Madoka. He loves cooking and watching TV, especially cooking and tokusatsu, sentai anime shows. Nakaba is Hanabusa family business’ official successor.

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