Clock Zero ~Shuuen no Ichibyou~ ExTime – Bonus Track

Bonus Track is the extra contents added in the PS Vita port. Each character gets an Another Epilogue, taking place after the RETURN / STAY endings, and a short novel. Final thoughts below!


I’m pretty sure the Another Epilogues are the only Vita-exclusive add-ons. Rain also got an Another Epilogue although sadly Kaede didn’t.

Saionji Toranosuke


[Another Epilogue: toranosuke – first & latter part -]

Nadeshiko and Tora have been dating almost seven years when Tora suggests they should go on a trip. She likes the idea and thinks it’s a good chance to properly introduce Tora as her boyfriend to her dad, despite Tora telling her not to mention their plan to her parents for now. Her dad doesn’t take it well and tells her to break up with him.

Nadeshiko meets up with her dad, who tells her Tora is not a suitable partner for her, for lunch. She’s about to protests but then Tora shows up. Nadeshiko’s dad doesn’t care about Tora’s origins or family, but there’s no way he’d talk to someone who can’t show a little courtesy and greet him properly. He won’t hand his daughter to an unmanageable brat.

One day, Tora invites her over to his house, but Yoshimune is there. Yoshimune asks if she really loves Tora given his temper and cruel heart, but Nadeshiko has been by Tora’s side for 10 years and she loves him for who he is. Yoshimune is surprised but tells them to do whatever they like.

Sometime later, Tora asks her to dress nice and show up to a church. She thought there’d be a party but instead she finds Tora in a nice suit telling her that it’s not a party—it’s their wedding. Well, pseudo wedding. He tells her that there’s no one else but her for him, and if being a family means that they’d always be forever connected no matter what, then he wants them to be a family. He slips a ring to her finger and promises he’ll definitely get her dad’s approval. They kiss, and Tora asks her to be his for the rest of their lives.

[Another Epilogue: Traitor]

Tora feels guilty because he thinks that it’s better that they wait until they win the war against the government before they rescue Shigure. Nadeshiko thinks it’s perfectly reasonable. It’s not like he doesn’t want to save his mother, he just wants the best for his organization and people. He should win the war with his own two hands and then safe Shigure. That way, no one can complain.

Tora laughs and pats her head. That sounds like something his mother told him a long time ago: don’t lose, no matter what. He can get whatever he wants as long as he wins. Nadeshiko thinks he doesn’t need to win to have her though, because she’s already his and because he’s who he is, she wants him to have her. Tora then kisses her nape. It seems stupid to worry about little thing. He notices she smells weird—not in a bad way, she just doesn’t smell like him. WTF is he a dog. Then he gets irritated when she tells him that she takes care of the injured because that means she’s been touching other guys. LOL.

[Short Novel: after – toranosuke -]

Tora has been calling Nadeshiko but she never answered. They haven’t seen each other for the past month. He thinks she’s mad about something but he has no idea what. When he tries to visit her, he bumps into some thugs who are looking for a fight. They took him to an abandoned building and threaten to beat him unless he gives them money, but Tora warns them to leave. He promised someone he’s not going to fight but he’s in a bad mood right now and there’s no telling what he’d do. The thugs end up running away after Tora punches them.

He wonders if he has been dumped. At their middle school graduation, Tora kisses Nadeshiko and asks her to be his. She was mad that time too but she nodded yes. Tora never texts, but he types “I miss you” to Nadeshiko and freaks out when he accidentally sent it. As it turns out, Tora got into another fight with her dad last time he was over and said they shouldn’t see each other for a month when Nadeshiko told him to act more maturely. She hasn’t been answering her phone because she never really uses it and just turned it off. She’s moved when she sees his text and they make up. Tora asks her to never stop loving him, but she answers that he doesn’t need to ask.

Tokita Shuuya


[Another Epilogue: shuuya – first & latter part -]

When a TV station interviews Shuuya, the reporter asks if he has a lover, but he evades the question. He can’t say anything to the public until his wedding to Nadeshiko then. They think it would be nice if they could tell their friends and family in the Distorted World that they’re getting married soon. If somebody from that world ever comes to this world to see how they’re doing, she hopes he can see them living happily. Shuuya promises he’ll always make her happy so it won’t matter when that happens.

The night before their wedding day, CZ members and this world’s Kaede come over and celebrate with them. Shuuya thanks his mom, CZ members, and finally Nadeshiko for being an important part of his life. Nadeshiko thanks him as well, but he complains because it wasn’t the “hot love confession” he was hoping for. LOL. Nadeshiko is pretty nervous on their wedding day, but Shuuya assures her that it’ll be okay. Shuuya troubles the priest a little bit by talking over him and asking Nadeshiko if she’d spend the rest of her life with him himself. Nadeshiko promises to do so, and they seal their promise with a kiss.

A couple months later, Nadeshiko has news for him. He immediately guesses that she’s pregnant but apologizes for being preposterous when she stays silent. Then, she laughs and tell him that yes, they’re going to have a new family member soon. They hug, and Shuuya tearfully thanks her.

[Another Epilogue: Philosopher]

A few months after she decided to stay in the Distorted World, they’re still looking for a cure for Shuuya. She walks around town on a break for a while but wanders too far and almost get caught by a government police. Luckily, Shuuya shows up and talks the police into leaving. She’s surprised to see him awake and walking around.

He’s feeling good today, and even the doctor agrees that he’d be able to walk around outside. As they walk around together, Shuuya guesses that she was thinking if she can turn herself in in exchange for the government’s advanced technology and help to find Shuuya’s cure. But he doesn’t wish for that. His happiness is her smile, so he truly only needs her to keep smiling to be happy.

Soon, they receive news that doctors found a way to heal Shuuya, but to do so they’d have to completely erase his memory up until this point. After the reset, he’d be able to start over and retain his new memories. Nadeshiko makes up her mind and decides to throw him an impromptu party. They play the king game and Nadeshiko is “King.” As King, she asks Shuuya to undergo the treatment.

Shuuya agrees. Losing his memories would be scary but not being able to touch her someday would be scarier. Nadeshiko assures him that he won’t forget and asks him to do their best together. That night, he looks over her sleeping face and tells her that he’ll make sure that she won’t suffer anymore. When Shuuya wakes up from his long dream, he finds Nadeshiko smiling at him. They admire the beautiful falling snow together. Winter is coming, and after that, spring will.

[Short Novel: after – shuuya -]

During middle school, one day, Shuuya loses track of time and Nadeshiko finds him just as class is starting. She ends up skipping her class and lets Shuuya borrows and lay his head on her lap. They’re living a peaceful life, but they still remember their time in the Distorted World. She’s been forgetting some but desperately tries to hold on to them.

Fast forward, two months after they get married, Shuuya notices that she’s been looking unwell lately. He thought she’s either great with his child or unhappy with their marriage, but she says it’s something else. She’s been feeling uneasy because she feels he hasn’t been touching her as much lately. She’s always angry at him every time he touches her in front of other people,e but she told him she wasn’t angry because she hates it… she’s just embarrassed. Shuuya then hugs and calls her an idiot. He’s a happy man, and he’ll make sure to make her happy too.

Kanou Riichirou


[Another Epilogue: riichirou – first & latter part -]

Nadeshiko comes home and hears her dad drinking with someone. When she calls Riichirou he acts weird and suddenly show up on her door. He’s been drinking with her dad and both of them are really drunk. He starts rambling about how he’s the only one who’s truly in love with her and how he thinks she never sees him as a man. Both of them weren’t honest to each other about their feelings that it took them until their last year high school to start dating. There were many misunderstandings between them.

Then, he falls asleep on top of her while her dad is yelling from outside her door telling Riichirou not to touch her daughter. LOL. The next day Riichirou is hangover. He came over to talk her dad about the wedding but her dad said he won’t hand Nadeshiko over as his bride. However, as they were drinking more and more, they started planning the wedding. Riichirou doesn’t remember anything he said to her that night, so he’s confused when he got a text from her dad asking him to explain himself about last night.

Her dad finally approved of their engagement after Riichirou tells him that he’s confident that he’s the only one in this world who can make Nadeshiko happy. On their wedding day, Nadeshiko’s dad is sobbing and asks Riichirou to call him dad even though up till now he told him not to. As Riichirou slips on a silver ring on her finger, he promises that no matter what he’ll make her happy.

[Another Epilogue: Wanderer]

Riichirou wakes up from a nightmare to find Nadeshiko, who fell asleep waiting for him, in his room. When she wakes up, she tells him that she’s doing well in college. He hugs her but then asks if she had gained weight before he starts making out with her. LOL. He’s worried because she jumped from being an elementary to a college student. She realizes that he feels guilty about involving her and making her stay with him even though it’s a decision she made herself. She asks if he’s free the next day so they can study together. He doesn’t mind as long as she doesn’t “get in his way.”

The next day, she gets a sudden phone call from him telling her not to come. Turns out his older sister is visiting, and he doesn’t want to be around her. Nadeshiko then suggests they study at her place instead, where she finds an old picture of them graduating elementary school. It’s a memory she doesn’t recognize. During their graduation, she wanted to hold his hand and take a picture together, but he refused. They get into a fight because of it that even Riichirou teared up a bit. She’s worried that Riichirou might be feeling bad again about letting her stay, but he asks what she’d do if the same situation happens to her. Her reaction is exactly the same as the reaction he’d gotten years earlier.

Nadeshiko doesn’t have any regret staying even if it means losing 10 years of her life. Riichirou wanted to send her back home, that’s true, but now that he found her, he wants to protect her instead of dwelling in the past. As long as she’s smiling by his side, he doesn’t care where they are. Then, he asks her to live in this world together with him. When Nadeshiko sees Riichirou home, his older sister show up asking him to go to a company party with her. When she points out that he hasn’t changed at all, he agrees and refuses to attend the party with her. Instead, he takes Nadeshiko’s hand and runs away.

[Short Novel: after – riichirou -]

Due to family business, Riichirou has to leave for Kansai for the next two months. He walks Nadeshiko home, where they kiss and hug each other goodbye… until Nadeshiko’s dad shows up and interrupts them. He shows disdain every time he thinks Riichirou calls him “dad” even though he really refers to him as “uncle”. LOL. He tells Riichirou that if he wants to date his daughter, he needs to beat him in a match. Nadeshiko’s dad proposes chess, but the other day Riichirou played him until morning. Whenever Riichirou is about to win, he’d just guilt trip him. His excuse is that he hasn’t played in a while but this time he’s confident that he can beat Riichirou. Nadeshiko tells him that she won’t accept it if Riichirou loses, and Riichirou replies that he’d gladly do anything if it means Nadeshiko’s dad will let him have her. There’s no way he’d lose. He’s really good at chess, after all.

Hanabusa Madoka


[Another Epilogue: madoka – first & latter part -]

When Nadeshiko asks what Madoka wants for his upcoming birthday, he answers he wants to monopolize her for the whole day because she’s been so busy lately with her part time job and stuff. They’re stopped by an interviewer for a magazine who want to interview couples. He offers a ticket to Hanabusa café resort, so she agrees despite Madoka’s dismay. The interview is weird because they end up not being honest and keep insulting each other.

On their way home, Nadeshiko tells him that Riichirou came by where she works drunk, so she ended up looking after him. He gets jealous and grabs her hard enough that the bracelet he had given her for her birthday broke. He’s about to apologize, but Nadeshiko slaps his hand away and runs off. A couple hours later, he knocks on her door, telling her that he loves her. She has two copies of the bracelet, so it ticked him off because he feels like she’d go far away or someone would steal her away. In the end, he asks if she’d let him be someone special to her but of course she feels the same way about him.

Time passes. Madoka finally realizes his dream of opening a store with Nakaba that combines their skills. Then, he asks her to marry him. She can’t give him an immediate answer so she consults Nakaba about it. Madoka shows up and she tells him that she won’t marry anyone but him. She then proposes to him, which he happily agrees to. On their wedding day, they exchange the ring that Madoka designed. He’s glad that although he barely made it in time, it suits her well. He promises to protect her forever with the ring as proof. 

[Another Epilogue: Bishop]

Nadeshiko asks what Nakaba plans to do next. Nakaba wants to reform the government but isn’t thinking about revolution at all because he understands that the government isn’t bad and that they’ve done a lot to help people since the world was destroyed. Nadeshiko thinks Nakaba has grown up a lot. He then brings up that once everything is calmed down, King might be after her. Madoka walks in and is unhappy that she’s talking about Takato. Nakaba tells him that instead of King, Nakaba should be wary of him and hits on Nadeshiko. LOL. But Madoka won’t hand her over, so Nakaba tells him to get a grip and instead of making her worry, they should be talking about what to do.

Truthfully, Madoka knows that Takato is a kind person and he always treats him nicely. He’s scared of Takato—but more of the guilt he was carrying because it led to the world being destroyed—but also can’t abandon him. Nadeshiko asks Madoka if he regrets leaving Takato behind. He thinks Takato is an idiot, but he knows that when it comes time that Takato comes for Nadeshiko, Takato would want him to fight him without holding back—and that’s what he intends to do.

She tells him that they should create a happy future so that one day they’d be able to forget about the heaviness of their sins. He asks if it’s okay to infer to what she said as a proposal. LOL. Nakaba thanks her for loving his precious little brother. Madoka sulkily asks what they’re whispering about, but Nadeshiko laughs when Nakaba replies that he’s just talking about how much he adores both of them. Madoka then wipes the smile off of her face when he tells her that he likes Nabaka and not her… because he doesn’t like Nadeshiko—he loves her.

[Short Novel: after – madoka -]

Nadeshiko informs Madoka that she’s started working part-time at a café-slash-bar near her campus. He’s not really happy about it because there’s a lot of shady people around the area and she has no idea that she’s popular with guys. He insists on visiting her at work. She realizes that he’s really worried about her because he loves her so much, although he won’t honestly admit as much. He won’t even let her revisit the day he confessed to her at her middle school graduation, when he asks if it’d be okay for him to make her his. She thought he was cute and honest back then, and she was really happy when he confessed. In the end, he promises to come pick her up after work every day.

Hanabusa Nakaba


[Another Epilogue: nakaba – first & latter part -]

Nakaba cancels his date with Nadeshiko at the last minute because of work. Before he hangs up, she hears him calling someone “Rikako” without an honorific even though he always calls her “Nadeshiko-chan”. That night, he apologizes for cancelling on her. To make up for it, she asks him to call her without an honorific. He realizes that she’s jealous and explains that he was helping with “Rikako’s” husband 60th birthday party.

Rikako is the same age as her husband but always gets angry whenever Nakaba calls her “Rikako-san,” so he dropped the honorific. Then, Nakaba blushes heavily as he calls Nadeshiko by her first name. When they go out for another date to make up for the one they cancelled, Nakaba tells her that his next trip overseas might be his last and asks her to move in with him.

Time passes and sometime later they’re thinking of getting married. On their wedding day, Nakaba suddenly disappears half an hour before the ceremony. Nadeshiko goes to look for him in her wedding dress and finds him playing with a lost puppy. He’s so preoccupied with the puppy and forgot about the time. Fortunately he realizes that it’s almost time for their wedding ceremony when he sees Nadeshiko. When he’s told to “kiss the bride,” he tells Nadeshiko that he loves her… and she grabs and kisses him.

[Another Epilogue: Journalist]

After Nadeshiko decides to stay in Distorted World, she’s living together with Nakaba “as lovers.” He jokes that they should sleep on the same bed, but when she panics he tells her there’s no rush and that it’s okay to take it slow. Yuushinkai’s revolution is over, and the organization captured Takato and Madoka, who surrendered themselves. But now that the government is gone, the world is pretty much in chaos.

He thinks it’s necessary to get Takato’s cooperation if they want to rebuild the country although it’d be hard to meet him right now. Still, he won’t give up. Nadeshiko decides to help out too. That afternoon, after Nakaba’s friend left, she gets hit on by dangerous looking men. Luckily, Nakaba comes to her rescue and threatens to report them to Yuushinkai. The men then leave, cursing. When they’re back at home, he asks her to promise not to wander around by herself.

She comes home the next day after talking to Shigure about wanting to know Nakaba better and getting closer to him. They complement each other, thinking that they’d make a great husband and wife someday. Nadeshiko then gathers up her courage and asks him to sleep on the bed with her tonight. He teases her about it, so she sulks under a blanket on the sofa. She only wants to be with him. He thinks she’s really cute and hugs her as he tells her that they should sleep together tonight. She doesn’t need to worry because he won’t do anything… or so he thinks.

[Short Novel: after – nakaba -]

Nakaba just started his life as a chef and is currently overseas. He’s exhausted from work and really misses Nadeshiko but can’t call her because due to the time zone, it’d be too early in the morning in Japan. Then, he’s surprised by Nadeshiko’s call. She misses and wants to hear his voice. He tells her he feels the same way and that he loves her. When he asks if she loves him back, she replies that she does before calling him an idiot and hanging up. LOL.

Kaidou Takato


[Another Epilogue: takato – first & latter part -]

When Nadeshiko gets off work one day, she decides to use the key to Takato’s apartment. The apartment is dark when she comes in, but turns out Takato has been waiting for her. He had planned a surprise night for them, including a very nice dinner he cooked himself (he got lessons from Nakaba) so that he could propose to her. She happily says yes when he asks if she’d like to marry him. Then, Takato and his dad visit Nadeshiko and her family to announce their engagement.

Nadeshiko’s dad isn’t so fond of Takato’s father, but after hearing how much Takato and Nadeshiko care about each other, he approves of Takato. Just Takato, not his father. LOL. Later, Takato runs into Riichirou on the way home and informs him that he and Nadeshiko are getting married. Riichirou already heard about it though, and it’s been ten years since Takato and Nadeshiko are together. He won’t get jealous like a child ever again. Even ten years ago, he knew that he wouldn’t hand Nadeshiko over to anyone else but Takato. He warns Takato never to make Nadeshiko cry and congratulates them on their engagement.

On their wedding day, Takato thinks she’s extremely beautiful in her dress. He promises to protect her smile today tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, ten years from now, and forever. He thinks she’ll get mad at her later for PDA, but he carries her princess style to meet their family and friends. She’s really embarrassed, but today is a special day. He laughs and thanks his wife for being so understanding.

[Another Epilogue: King]

Nadeshiko sees Takato up one night, and she feels like for some reason he’s disappearing from her. For the next couple days, she notices Takato would get up at night and leave somewhere. He’d return the next morning like nothing had happened and would try to make her breakfast but she’d stop him every time, and they end up cooking together. LOL. One day, she finally has had enough and runs out to find Takato at the clock tower. He apologizes for making her worry, but it’s not like he doesn’t trust her or anything like that.

It was his fault that the world is destroyed, so he’s been coming here at night to plant flower seeds, hoping to make amends. He doesn’t want to involve her in case he gets caught. However, she tells him that she wants to grant his wish together with him. He then asks if he can touch her, and they embrace each other. He points out how pretty the moon is, and she agrees.

Sometime later, they return to the place where he had planted the flower seeds and notice a single flower blooming. He wants to see a future where this flower will grow big and he can give her a bouquet of flowers. It might take some time, but they’re looking forward to it.          

[Short Novel: after – takato -]

Nadeshiko is visiting Takato at school. His students start teasing him about his “pretty friend,” but he warns them not to make a move on his girlfriend even though they’re only elementary school students. LOL. They don’t think they can win against Kaidou-sensei, so they leave. Then, Takato takes her to the rooftop. It’s prohibited for anyone to get up there, so they just have to be careful not to be seen.

Earlier during the day Nadeshiko reminisces about how she thought Takato was like someone from a different world than her. When he was younger, he kept dreaming about being locked inside a birdcage and can’t get out no matter how hard he tries. He knew he was really smart then too, but he got scared: what if he becomes an adult but he could never change or grow up like everybody else? He thinks that’s why he’s been having that scary dream. However, he stops seeing that dream when he met her. She made him believe that he can change, little by little, and there’s no way he’d stop growing up.

Then, he asks if he can kiss her. She laughs because people usually don’t ask something like that and jokes that she’d get in trouble if Kaidou-sensei’s fans find out about it. This time, he laughs and promises that he’ll protect her if it ever comes to that. As they kiss under the moonlight, he tells her that he wants to keep living by her side. As long as they’re together, they can walk forward to any kind of future that awaits them.



[After Epilogue: Rook]

Rain tells Nadeshiko some sad stuff in the rain. He tells her that he likes her. Whatever I hate Rain.


Hangover Rittan is so goddamn relatable

I absolutely love Clock Zero. Its PSP port was actually one of the first otome games I’ve ever played (back in 2011 I think?) although I don’t think I ever finished it then. That’s why even though I remember bits of the story, playing the PS Vita port feels like playing a whole new different game! Not to mention my Japanese is so much better than in 2011. I didn’t understand crap what was going on in the story then… just that I cried a lot and that I love Takato the most. LOL.

Looking back at my previous KamiKimi summaries, I remember about the news that Nagaoka (the artist for both CZ and KamiKami) took a break from drawing for otome games. I thought she only stopped drawing for otome games but it seems like she took a break from drawing completely? The long hiatus probably affected her new drawings so, although still beautiful, I notice inconsistencies in the art, particularly arts in the Bonus Track section.

Story-wise, Clock Zero is unique and entertaining. Great characters, great plot, great cast (Namikawaaaaaaaa!). Beautiful music and pretty art. It’s one of Otomate classics, and if you play otome games by Otomate regularly, chances are that you probably played this game already. Reiko Shima (the director of Clock Zero) also worked on the upcoming Collar x Malice so I’m really looking forward to it!

As for the port itself… I’m not sure. Nakaba’s route is not quite what I expected from playing the original game. Nakaba’s route and the Bonus Track are nice additions to the game but I don’t think they’re worth buying the Vita port for. I mean with the main story plus the bonus, it’s a great deal. Clock Zero is a long game by itself and although the Bonus Track is super short, it’s a pretty nice add-on. If you have only played Clock Zero recently (PS2 or PSP) though… it’s not really worth shelling out 6000 JPY.

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