Clock Zero ~Shuuen no Ichibyou~ ExTime – Rain and Kaede

In the PS Vita port, both Rain and Kaede get an ending each, instead of a full route. Rain’s ending branches from Takato’s route while Kaede’s is from Nakaba’s route. In addition, you need to finish the main characters’ routes, get their happy endings (at least one), and read the FIRST MEMORY (始まりの記憶) scenario to unlock Rain’s ending.


Rain’s ending isn’t my favorite part of the PS Vita port but whatever.

[Rain’s Ending – In This Ugly, Foolish World]


As the building is ablaze in Takato’s route, Nadeshiko runs into Rain. When she leaves to get Takato, he thinks she looks a lot like his younger sister. Madoka then shows up in front of Rain, asking if he’s still planning something. Unlike him, Madoka isn’t planning on dying here. He’ll never forgive Rain but feels like he owed him for teaching him a lot of things. That’s why he’s going to live his life now, free of his feelings of hatred and adoration for “Rain-senpai.” Rain is about to give up on life and let himself be engulfed in fire. Kaeru, an artifical creature he made, modeled after his late best friend, Al, yells at him to get a grip. He remember her little sister, Rachel, telling him that she’s fine and not to go bat shit crazy as she’s dying.

Rain remembers the past. In his dream, he consoles Rachel who’s sad about a dead cat. He tells her that god lives in her heart and always supports her, but to her, that “god” is Rain because he’s always the one who fulfills her wishes. Well long story short, she got into an accident and passed away. Rain is desperate to “bring her back to life” but he isn’t brilliant enough for something like that. That’s when he hears about Kaidou Takato, the genius scientist and researcher.

He orders for Nadeshiko’s assassination, knowing that she’s an important person to Takato, after bumping into her at the school gate, so that Takato will grow as desperate as he is to find a way to resurrect the dead. However, given Takato’s brilliance, he would be able to achieve things he couldn’t. If he can find a way to resurrect Nadeshiko, surely he can use the same technique to resurrect Rain’s late sister.

Rain wakes up from his dream to Nadeshiko’s voice telling him to wake up. She can’t leave him alone. She doesn’t care about the past because she had received his kindness too. To her, he’s an important person so she won’t let him die so easily. Both Takato and Nadeshiko try to save his ass and he laughs because he can’t believe Takato would help him. After all, Rain is the person who killed Nadeshiko and the reason why he destroyed the world. Takato promised he won’t let CZ staff get hurt and Rain is his staff too. And not to mention he’s an idiot. He’s angry at him so he won’t let him get away easily by dying.

In the end, Rain is third wheeling Takato and Nadeshiko. He knows he probably can’t win against Takato but fighting battles one can’t win is a humanly thing. He asks Nadeshiko to consider him for the “number one” position in her heart. Blah shut up Rain.

Best Ending 4eva: Nadeshiko buries Rain inside the time capsule hueheuehe

I feel like I’m supposed to feel sad for Rain because he went through something sad but I just don’t. I get that he wasn’t having the greatest time of his life, but experiencing something as sad isn’t an excuse to be a jerk and an ass that Rain is. Even in both Takato’s route and Rain’s ending, I never feel like he truly regretted what he did to Nadeshiko and Takato. He probably feels guilty but none of his apology feels genuine to me. I know I sound extremely unforgiving (considering that both Nadeshiko and Takato forgive him), but that’s really what I think of this guy. Also not no mention he gets an NTR ending WTF why can’t you just let Takato and Nadeshiko alone! And when did you fall in love with her because I never saw that coming.

[Kaede’s Ending – Two is Better than One]


When Nadeshiko runs away from Yuushinkai in Nakaba’s route, Kaede actually catches up to her. He understands that she doesn’t want to go back to Yuushinkai, but he doesn’t have the luxury to let her leave either. If they don’t go back right know, who knows what terrible things Yoshimune would do to her. Then, they hear angry Yuushinkai members looking for them. Nadeshiko thinks this is the end but he tells her to run and they run away together. It takes him a while to realize what he had done. He helped her escape. He thinks they need to go back right now but because they run around so much he actually doesn’t know the way home.

They’re lost and end up spending the night at an abandoned building. She’s worried what might happen to him if they go back to Yuushinkai tomorrow morning. If they had stayed and let her be caught then, those Yuushinkai guys would probably hurt her, and he didn’t want that to happen. He tells her that he was the one who took her and ran away. There’s no need for her to worry about him. She thinks he looks scary but actually an incredibly nice person. Although she was a prisoner, he was always really kind to her. He blushes and tells her not so say stuff like that without hesitation.

When the world was destroyed, Kaede refused to obey the government and spent time running away from them until he collapsed due to starvation. That’s when he met Tora. Kaede tried to steal from him but got beaten up instead. He joined Yuushinkai and never dared picking a fight with Tora since then. She also finds out that he attended the same elementary school as her, but he’s two years younger than her. However, like Tora, he spent most of his time getting into fights. As a transfer student from Kansai, he didn’t really fit in. To him, Yuushinkai is a place where he truly belongs. Nadeshiko apologizes for making him betray such an important place but he tells her not to because, in a way, they did the same thing to her.

Nadeshiko can’t help but cry even though she tries her best not to. Kaede panics and tells her not to cry as he wipes her tears away. Then she laughs. She’s surprised that she cried in front of someone but probably because it’s Kaede that she can cry. He thinks she’s a strong person because he knows she has been trying her best not to cry. He likes people like her. Hearing that, she turns red. Kaede blushes too, realizing what he had said, as he tells her that he doesn’t mean it in a weird way. Of course, he thinks she’s really pretty, strong, and cool. Sometimes she’d laugh and he’d think to himself how cute she is. LOL. He’s such a sweetie.

The next morning, they walk back to Yuushinkai. Nadeshiko thanks him for saving her yesterday, but he’s taking her back to a scary place so he thinks that he doesn’t deserve to be thanked. Then, they’re found and surrounded by Yuushinkai members. They seem friendly and nice to Kaede. They even offer to apologize with him. Suddenly, Kaede apologizes to them and to everyone. He thanks them for taking care of him up until now, but he doesn’t believe in the way the organization is currently operating. Then, he takes Nadeshiko’s hand and runs.

Nadeshiko thanks Kaede, but he tells her that he’s not betraying Yuushinkai. It might look like it to the organization, and although he can’t come back now, he’ll always be a Yuushinkai member at heart. He’s decided to save her, though, and he doesn’t have a place to return to, so he asks if she’s okay with travelling with him. He’s not as strong as Tora or as smart as Shuuya, but he wants to protect her. He can’t let her alone, and he thinks two is better than one. She’s still worried that he’d get himself in danger, but he tells her that it’s fine because he wants to be with her. She finally agrees and asks him to take care of her from now on.

Kaede is such a sweetie! His ending is short and sweet. I sincerely believe that he’s a good guy who lost his ways and just ended up hanging out with the wrong crowd. In Tora and Shuuya’s route, Kaede is mostly pictured as a pushover who can’t say no to his Yuushinkai superiors, but he finally gets the nerve to stand up for what he believes in this time ♥

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