On January 22, 2012, I created the blog Taiyou no Kousen ~千年恋物語~ A Thousand Years Love Stories to primarily serve as a place where I could write reviews/summaries about otome games that I’ve played. About a year or two later, this blog has expanded to also include summaries of fan books and light novels that I’ve purchased from CDJapan, honto, or Amazon Japan.

Simply put:

I am a procrastinator sloth who has Namikawa Daisuke, Kamiya Hiroshi, and Tachibana Shinnosuke biases.

Almost (if not all) every game or book that I review is in Japanese. Please don’t ask me about any English localization, official or not, of anything I have, am currently, or will review.

I don’t accept any kind of requests: never did, never been, and never will. 

I try to be as unbiased as much as I possibly can while writing summaries, but I’d end up writing biased summaries anyway. It’s a personal blog and I don’t get paid for doing this, so not sorry sorry about that.

Please don’t be shy to comment or throw me some questions, although any questions asking for an English patch or a download link of a game will be deleted immediately. 


Link exchanges are welcome and encouraged!

28 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello there fellow otome gamer! I recently stumbled through your blog through others! I hope you don’t mind if I add you to my blogroll? 🙂

    1. Hello, and of course I don’t mind! It is always nice to find a friend whom I can go fangirling with! (。・ω・。)ノ Added you to my blogroll also~

    1. aww you made my day うふ♪(* ̄ω ̄)v *pulls you out of your hiding place* I added you to my blogroll! I followed your twitter also 😀

      1. ✿*,(*´◕ω◕`*)+✿.* you’re so sweet. I’ll add you to my blogroll as well. I see you’re playing hanayaka, interesting. I’ll keep on reading your review because this game is far off in my backlog unable to reach pfft.
        aw thanks! 🙂

        1. Hanayaka is sure is one of the best otome game ever in my opinion. It has a deep plot but also humors in it. I hope you’ll get to play it too someday after you cleared your backlog! (*´∀`*)ゞ

  2. Hello there, I fall in love at first sight with your username! XD I love your reviews too! Keep writing reviews please~! 😀

    1. イモンっち!゜*。Love(○。´Å)人(Å`。●)Love。*゜ We’re finally reunited my baby love, I’ve been waiting for you to come home. Aww, thanks for linking me ♡ I added you too to my blogroll bby.

  3. Dear Teruru-san,

    Hello, I’m Ryuta, a member of Think Pink, the otome game project for SEEC (former Dual Solution). My company creates visual novels for girls, and one of our accomplishments is MoteMote, released in December, 2011.

    We just released our latest otome game, Shinsen Renki, and we’d like to kindly ask you to take a little time to play it.

    Here’s our app:

    ・App description


    In lternative reality EDO and Shinsen-gumi!
    Who would you choose to work with?

    The Shinsen-gumi is an organization to protect EDO.
    And you are going to be the deupty commander of
    the shinsen-gumi!

    You’ll start a new life with strong,
    unique and attractive team members.

    This is a historical-fantasy dating game.
    Each character has a ten chaptered story.

    The ending will change depending on your answers!


    (iTunes) https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/shinsenrenki/id562139438?mt=8

    Please check out our Facebook page!

    (Think Pink) https://www.facebook.com/pages/Think-Pink-xoxo/284444894999362

    Sorry for my long and rude post, but we hope you like our latest production.
    Thank you!



    1. Hello, thanks for letting me know about your work! It’s always good to know that more otome games are being introduced to the Western world. Unfortunately, I can’t play it since it’s only available on iTunes and I don’t own any Apple products. If you’re porting it to Android then do let me know because I will definitely try it out!

  4. Hi Teruu-san,

    Thank you for your reply!
    Our system team and we are trying our best to make it available on Android devices, let us inform you when we get it done. Thank you for your patience m(_ _)m

  5. {Ha~Ha} I’ve just found this blog, I really like it. I’ve found a new interest, you’re reviews are very awesome!!

  6. Hello!

    I’ve only started playing Otome games recently (my first ever was the English release of Hakuouki) and I’m excited to play a new one! I’ve played OELVNs mostly but after reading your articles about Japanese Otome games, I’ve tried to download some, but I didn’t find any of it in English. I’m assuming you need to be able to know how to read Japanese to play these games, but are there other ways to play it without being able to read it in Japanese?

    1. Unless you’re playing a PC game, then no. You can try using AGTH or some other text extractor, although please don’t ask me how because I don’t know.

      All the games I’ve played is in Japanese only, but Aksys is localizing Bakudan Handan, so you might want to check that one out.

  7. I’ve read a couple of your reviews and I really think that they were extremely detailed, and I’m looking forward to more!! I’m also an otome gamer, but I only just started and I’m pretty much done only the Hakuouki and Utapri series. Hope we can be friends!! ^_^

  8. Hi Teruru-san, your blog is absolutely adorable and great fun to read through~ I’ve always had an interest to play these visual novels that has been mentioned in your posts, but sadly none of them have been either localized or fan-translated. Guess my only way to barge into this visual novel fandom is to learn the Japanese language. Do you have a guide on how you’ve learnt Japanese? Or are you Japanese?
    Sorry for bothering you, I hope this question hasn’t been asked countless of times 😦

    1. Thanks so much for dropping by! There’s a couple of localized otome games as far as I know, with Hakuouki and Bakudan Handan being some of them. I’m not Japanese and I’m by no means fluent in it. I’ve been studying Japanese myself through the Internet and books, so it’s totally possible as long as you’re willing to put in the time and effort to learn it!

  9. Howdy! I found your blog through a fellow blogging buddy and it looks like we have similar interests! So, I wanted to stop by and introduce myself, so that maybe we can become blogging buddies!! XD

    It would also be great if you wanted to exchange links with me, the name of my blog is, Nice Job Breaking It, Hero (the link is: https://bakphoontyphoon.wordpress.com/ ) if you are interested.

    I hope we can chat more in the future!

    1. Thanks for dropping by! It’s always nice to meet fellow otome gamers (*´∀`*)

      I’ve added you to my blogroll and followed you back on twitter! Feel free to hit me up here or on twitter :3c

      1. Absolutely!! We otome gamers have to stick together!!

        I also added you to my blogroll as well! It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, and you’ll definitely be hearing from me more in the future! XD

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