Clock Zero ~Shuuen no Ichibyou~ ExTime – Kaidou Takato

Takato my baby *sobs uncontrollably* (´;д;`)ブワッ


Kaidou Takato is a genius transfer student and Nadeshiko’s classmate. He’s the son of Kaidou Group’s CEO. Cheery and kind, Takato is terrible at cooking despite being an upstanding researcher. He is inducted into CZ as its leader because he’s able to bring everyone together. His hobby is researching.

One day after school, Takato invites Nadeshiko to stop by a general store with him. They look around the store together, and he notices that she likes anything bunny-related. Nadeshiko mentions the technology Kaga used to build Rain, but Rain refuses to talk or be examined by Takato. He then asks if she’d let him borrow Rain for a day. He’ll treasure everything she treasures and promises to take a good care of the talking keychain. Nadeshiko is about to let him when Rain starts talking like a pre-programmed machine to avoid being handed over. Takato feels bad borrowing something special to her, so they decide to call it a day.

Nadeshiko wants to go home with Takato but sees him walking back to the school building alone. Worried, she follows and finds him looking outside the window in their classroom. For some reason, he seems to be on a whole different place and out of her reach. Nadeshiko is jealous of how mature Takato is, but he wants to be more like her and Riichirou instead. They act more maturely than their peers but are true kids at heart. He envies them because he never fit in with kids his age. Realizing that he doesn’t like being called “mature,” she apologizes for being insensitive. However, he takes her hand and tells her that she’s too kind to other people, but he likes her the way she is.

Takato probably looks at the world a lot differently than the people his age, and he must feel lonely. Then, they talk about their future plans. Nadeshiko wants to be a doctor someday, but despite being a brilliant researcher, Takato only likes it as a hobby and has no clue what he wants to do. He doesn’t have any dream and isn’t passionate about anything. However, Nadeshiko tells him there’s no rush to grow up. He’ll definitely find something he’d like to do. She believes that he has the power to create something that will change the world and make someone happy. Unexpectedly, he laughs and calls her amazing before thanking her for opening his eyes.

Takato messes up Home EC class one day. He and his group members were tasked to bake a cake but their oven started smoking. Cooking is similar to experimenting, but he just can’t get the hang of it. He feels bad because his group mates were really looking forward to eating the cake, so Nadeshiko offers to bake one together at her house with him so that he can gift it to his group mates. While cooking, Takato takes her advice. Their cake turns out well, and he thinks it’s all thanks to her. He is also really happy that she invited him over. She doesn’t seem like someone who’d invite a friend over, so he’s nervous, although he’s glad because he feels closer to her now. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

On their day off, Nadeshiko overhears that an armed, unknown man infiltrated the Kaidou Group building and demanded money on her way to the library. She immediately heads there and sees the place crowded with reporters and policemen. Nadeshiko is worried about Takato’s safety until he taps her shoulder and asks what she’s doing there. Apparently he was at the research building so he wasn’t involved in the commotion. The guy was caught and no one was hurt, but it’s still hectic outside, so he invites her to go up to his room. In his room, he shows her a cat key holder that talks like Rain would. He used Rain as a model and built one of his own, but it isn’t as advanced and can only speak a few worlds.

Nadeshiko is impressed that he’s able to do that just by briefly looking at Rain and wonders if he’s more of a genius than she had previously thought. When she notices beautiful crystals in his room, Takato’s warning not to touch them comes too late. The crystals break and hurt her hand. Takato treats her bleeding fingers and is glad that the injury isn’t serious, but she feels really bad. He kindly tells her that it’s OK because the crystals are fragile and blames himself for not being more aware. Up until this point, he had no fears of the things he researched about, but he was really scared when she got hurt. She’s precious to him, and he doesn’t want her to get hurt.

A couple days after she arrived at the Distorted World, Rain informs that Takato wants to see her. However, she’s afraid of Takato and doesn’t want to admit that he is the Takato that she knows of. Turns out, Takato prepared a breakfast for them. She admits that she’s scared of him, but he smiles and tells her that he understands. He destroyed the world and dragged her into this world. It’s only natural that she’s scared of him. She tells him it isn’t like that and asks to be guided by him to see the outside. He takes her to the destroyed school and tells her that they can rebuild it. They have the present. He wants to create a world where everyone can be happy, so does Rain and Madoka. That’s why they cooperated with him. He asks her to be a part of Clock Zero and she takes his hand.

When they return, Takato takes her to CZ’s flower garden inside the greenhouse. The government is researching how to grow things again here. She then notices blue roses and remembers that one of the homework he gave them was to make a blue rose. Blue roses mean “Gods’ blessing” in flower language. At the time, he wondered how Gods’ blessing would take shape because he knew it’d take place, referring to transporting past Nadeshiko’s consciousness to the future.

The reason behind his act of stopping the time in 2010 is because that world is bound to follow the same series of events as this world. Takato knows what twelve year-old him would do: start the research to bring her back, destroy the world, and interfere with his plans. It wouldn’t be enough to prevent her accident because there’s an infinite number of time-space. Changing the past would only create a new divergence of the future so the future they’re in now wouldn’t change. LOL Riichirou’s ending broke physics. 2020 Nadeshiko would still be asleep and he won’t be happy. His happiness will only be realized when she opens her eyes, and they can walk together side by side.


He fully understands that he’s being selfish but this is his world. Then he kisses her hand and tells her that this is the world he’d created in order to selfishly grant his wishes. He apologizes, but he would not waver when it comes to realizing his dreams. Nadeshiko refuses to accept his ideal world and future. She’s the reason the world became what it is. She promises that she will stop him, but that’s fine with him. He has no intention of giving up and will work to gain her acceptance. Later that day, she researches and investigates about Yuushinkai, hoping that they’d be the answer to stopping Takato.

Nadeshiko wakes up to see that she seems to be back in 2010, living her peaceful life with twelve year-old Takato by his side. She asks what he’d do if she ever gets into an accident and is stuck in a comatose state. He answers that he’d always be looking for a way to save her because he can’t imagine a world without her. He’d look for the reason of her accident, so it won’t happen the second time. She asks if he’d let the whole world be sad in order to save her, but he won’t and can’t do that.

Then, he asks what she’d do if the same thing happened to him. She tells him that she’d do whatever she can: learn medicine and look for ways to save him. She’d never give up no matter what because she wants to see him smile again… and because he’s an important person to her. She’s truly happy when he tells her that it’s all going to be okay and that he’s here by her side.

Nadeshiko asks Madoka for information but he refuses to cooperate, although he suggests that if she wants to do something to Takato she should talk to Rain instead. Just like in her original world, there are people in the government who obey only because they want the sense of security the government provides. Perhaps Takato is the only person truly fighting for the ideal world. That’s terribly lonely. Madoka has his own reasons for obeying.

As for Rain, he’s known Takato for a long time. They bonded right after her accident as he’s a part of Takato’s research team. Before that he’s only know him because Takato is famous in the science world. And now, Takato can fulfill his “wish.” Takato isn’t exactly alone because Rain supports Takato’s ideal world because he wants the world to suffer. Nadeshiko then realizes that unlike Rain, Takato probably detests the world for taking her away, but he also loves it, so the fact that he destroyed it is hurting him. However, Rain tells her that he has an idea on how to dethrone Takato and agrees to help, although she’s worried because she has no idea what he’s thinking.

Nadeshiko reasons with Takato to let her go outside alone. He insists that she can’t because the person responsible for her accident is still at large. He’d give her anything she wants, but he knows that she’s not the type of person who would be happy to just be in the receiving end. So he proposes a trade. He’ll let her walk outside by herself as long as she comes back by the designed time. In exchange, he asks her to kiss him. He has been in love with her since they talked about his future plans. She opened up his world with just one word.


Nadeshiko is not twelve anymore, even mentally. She’s now twenty-two through and through because her maturity also grew because of the soul synchronization and transfer she went through. Nadeshiko understand that he’s not the shy twelve year-old Takato anymore at last. His feelings toward her have grown stronger since then. He wants to touch her and make her his. He doesn’t want to wait anymore. Finally, she leans in and kiss him, wondering if he’s hurting at all and if he’s really okay with this “trade.”

Not too long after, everyone is shocked when suddenly they hear a loud explosion coming from the King’s room. Nadeshiko thought it might be a terrorist attack, so she frantically runs to look for Takato. As it turns out, it wasn’t an attack but Takato’s attempt at cooking. He blew up his oven, baking cookies, much to Madoka and Rain’s dismay because it’s very typical of him even though he promised not to cook anymore.プッ(※థэథ) He suddenly remembered about the time she baked some cookies and brought them to school and wanted some to eat together with her, but she has no recollection of it, reminding him that she’s not the person he fell in love with.

Takato asks to talk to and tells her that he’s caught the driver who hit her. Nadeshiko’s worried about what Takato had done to the driver, but instead he asks what she wants to do. She’s surprised and asks him what he’d do if she tells him to kill the driver. He doesn’t think she’d ever ask for that, but he believes everyone gets a second chance and killing someone isn’t an action that can be justified at all, no matter the reason.

He thought he’d gain some closure, but the driver was just a guy who hated Kurou zaibatsu and was used as a pawn. He isn’t the true culprit. These past nine years, he thought he’s hated the driver for causing her accident. He was afraid at what he’d do to him. However, when he met him, he didn’t feel anything but sorry for the guy. He truly treasures Nadeshiko so he hates himself for not being able to hate her “killer.” She’s surprised and thinks that there’s nothing for him to apologize for because it only proves how kind he is.

Nadeshiko walks around outside with her head full of Takato. She stops at the clock tower and hears Takato’s voice calling her name from behind. She thought he tracked her location down from her identification code, but he actually came looking for her at places he thought she’d visit. He’d be so lost without her, but he doesn’t want to put an identification code on her, so he never did. Takato then hugs and asks her to stay. She can hate him all she wants, but she’s the only thing that makes him feel alive, like a human being with emotions. He was sad that he destroyed the world, but those feelings were distant—like it happened somewhere far away. He owes it to the people to create a peaceful world. Now, he isn’t sure. He doesn’t know what and how he’s feeling.

Rain leaked information about King’s true identity and his objective to Yuushinkai. He informs Nadeshiko about it but now she’s hesitating because of what would happen to Takato. They lied to Takato about where they were going and Nadeshiko’s chest tightens when she realizes that Takato never once lied to her or joke around. They meet up with Waka and Wanderer in a dark alley. Rain suggests they start a revolution and destroy the government, much to Nadeshiko’s surprise. She only wanted the government’s ways to be reformed, but Rain completely went on a tangent and to the extreme that even Yuushinkai members are taken aback. Rain thinks it’s better for the stronger force to take over and, in a way, obliterating Takato makes him the perfect sacrifice for the peaceful world he dreams of.

Takato knows he has done wrong to this world and he’s given up on the future. However, Nadeshiko doesn’t want Takato to get hurt and she finally realized that she truly wanted to save him. Not for his sake and not because she feels obligated to, but because she wants to support him. She looks for Takato in his room and finds him sleeping. She notices he’s holding on to his grandfather’s pocket clock but the needles aren’t moving. Then he wakes up.

[END 6 – Revolution Day]

Nadeshiko doesn’t want to see Takato sad but can’t forgive him either. The revolution started as planned with Yuushinkai storming the government building. In her room, she watches as the government is crumbling, crying and calling Takato’s name over and over again, full of regrets. But it’s too late now.

He’s glad to see her home, and she tells him that she’ll always be here by his side. She wants to live with him by her side and begs him to open his eyes and see the wrong in his ways. He knows she’s right, but he’s scared of the future where he might lose her. Nine years ago, just before her accident, they promised to go to the aquarium together. He was excited and made up his mind to confess to her that day, but no matter how long he waited, she didn’t show up. The next time he saw her was at the hospital in a coma. He can’t let go because he doesn’t know what might happen to her but thanks her for wanting to stay by his side.


Nadeshiko is about to leave for her room when Takato asks if they can sleep together tonight. They never got to go on a school trip, so he wanted to have a sleepover. Not the kind of “sleep” she was thinking of. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ His bed is a bit too small for both of them, but Takato seems happy and tells her that he loves her. Time stopped for him when he lost his first love. He’s been living in the past ever since and loving a “different” her. But now he’s fallen in love with the real her, the person who accepted him, the person right in front of him. Deep down, she feels the same.

He’s probably the happiest person and the most sinful person on earth. She’s embarrassed so she reminds him that they’re supposed to talk about a lot of things. They spend the night talking about her childhood memories and their short time together. She wants him to know that she’s here by his side and that he doesn’t have to feel scared, but he laughs sadly and thanks her as he replies that he wants to be by her side too.

The next morning, Nadeshiko wakes up to an empty bed. A government police shows up and tells her that he is assigned to guard her from the upcoming Yuushinkai attack. She asks to see Rain so she can try talking him out of it, and he guides her outside of the room.

Meanwhile Takato gathers the entire CZ staff and expresses his gratitude. He’s here to announce something. He doesn’t think the world they’ve been building is a happy one. There’s no sadness in it, but there’s no joy either. And one more thing: he knows that Yuushikai is planning an attack and there’s a mole within the government. If they leave the situation as is, there will definitely be riots. He doesn’t want any pointless bloodshed, so he decides to dismiss the entire government body.

He wants everyone in the building to evacuate before Yuushinkai arrives while he stays here by himself and takes responsibility for everything. He’s surprised when some people can’t let him shoulder the blame all by himself. There are people in the government who stay because they respect him. They know he was wrong in his ways but they said nothing, only waiting for the peaceful world, and so they’re to blame for the destruction of this world as much as he is.

Takato needs more time so his staff can evacuate so he asks Rain to get rid of the virus he used to breach their security system. He knows about his betrayal all along and it’s actually the reason why he disbands the government. Rain thinks he underestimated Takato, but he thought something like this would happen. Then, Takato and Bishop realize Nadeshiko is in danger. Rain had disguised some Yuushinkai members and snuck them in to kidnap Nadeshiko. Takato thought Rain’s ultimate goal is the government’s dismissal so he disbanded it to keep Nadeshiko safe, but he was wrong.

A Yuushinkai member brings her in front of them and threatens to hurt her unless Takato, and Takato alone, steps forward. However, Nadeshiko notices he has a gun and sees through his plan of shooting Takato.

[END 7 – Alone Again]

Nadeshiko tries to reason with and buy time from her kidnapper, but it doesn’t work. Takato is shot trying to save her. He’s happy that he met her. He only needed her to be happy and leaves it to Madoka to protect her. With his last breath, he whispers that he loves her. ;w;

Immediately, she tries to wrestle the gun away from him but gets shot. Takato desperately calls out to her, telling her to hang in there. She doesn’t want Takato to go berserk again so she weakly tells him that it’s all right. She’s not going anywhere because she promised to be by his side. Before she loses her consciousness, she tells him not to close his heart and get consumed by the past.

She sees a dream of memories that she didn’t know before. She remembers promising Takato to go to the aquarium together. Riichirou couldn’t make it, so it was just gonna be the two of them. That day, she got a call from Madoka, asking her to meet him at an intersection. She went because she still had time before her meeting time with Takato. And then she had the accident. She keeps telling herself to wake up because she wanted to be with Takato. She still hasn’t told him that she loves him.

While she was unconscious, Rain reveals what he’s truly after: Takato’s research on resurrection. Rain masterminded Nadeshiko’s accident nine years ago so that Takato would focus on his research on resurrecting the dead. He didn’t “bring her back to life” solely on soul transfer. Rain knows he used his research on resurrection as well. So now, instead of relying on Madoka and his doctors to treat her, Takato should be by her side, performing miracle. Worse comes to worst, he can throw himself into and complete his research on resurrection and bring her back to life.

Rain never intended for the government to be disbanded. Takato has gone soft since Nadeshiko arrived, so he only wanted to remind Takato that the world is a dangerous place for her by bringing Yuushinkai into the picture. Then Takato would continue on his resurrection research so he wouldn’t lose her. That was what Takato thought he needed to do nine years ago and even now. But he promised her that he won’t go mad anymore, that he won’t bind people’s lives or deaths. She promised she’s not going to leave him behind so he’ll protect his promise to her.

[END 10 – Timeless World]

Nadeshiko wakes up and is glad to see Takato uninjured. However, he’s acting weird and is oddly calm. There’s nothing for her to fear because he has the power to resurrect her in case she dies. He doesn’t want to lose her. She realizes that he’s already broken inside. He stopped time in this broken world for just the two of them to live together.


True to his words, Madoka and his team of doctors saved Nadeshiko. When she opens her eyes, Takato is right by her side. They run into each other’s arms until the staff and Madoka stop them because she would reopen her wound like that. LOL. Madoka doesn’t want to be a third wheel so before he leaves, he warns Takato not to strain her body. Finally, Nadeshiko tells Takato that she loves him. After a long silence, he asks her to repeat her confession. He’s so happy that he isn’t sure what to do. Then, he asks if he can kiss her. He wants them to forget about their previous kiss because that one doesn’t count. She thinks they should redo it too, so they have their first kiss and confess their love for each other. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

His room is much safer so he asks her to stay there for the time being and she agrees. Not too long after that, she hears an explosion. The entire building is engulfed in fire. Madoka leads her to safety by Takato’s order, but Takato himself is stuck on the top floor of the burning building. Nadeshiko knows she can’t do much, but she wants to be with him. She apologizes to Madoka and runs to where Takato is despite her injury. She runs into goddamn motherfucker Rain who claims partial responsibility for the fire because he has no reason to be here anymore. He tells her how to get to Takato and informs her that Yuushinkai is aiming for Takato’s head. Before she leaves, he tells her that he had fun spending time with her and that she reminds him of his little sister.

Nadeshiko finds Takato at the flower garden in the greenhouse. He’s surprised to see her. She asks him not to leave her behind this time. She knows he intends to shoulder all responsibility by himself, but she wants to see the future together with him.


They hear Yuushinkai members coming closer. Takato hesitates, but Nadeshiko asks him to live his life properly. This is her last chance to return to her world, and he asks if she’s really fine with letting it go. Nadeshiko sighs and calls him an idiot. Going home won’t make her happy but staying with him will. He thanks her and finally takes her hand. He thinks he’s a really unfair person. He’s the one who destroyed this world but he gets to have her by his side. Still, he decides that he’s going to keep on living—together with her.

Months passed. The people took over the government, and they’re currenly living in hiding from Yuushinkai. Nadeshiko finds Takato outside, talking to and laughing with some kids. He listens to the kids talking about what happened to the “bad King.” Their moms say that with the king gone, the world is finally moving on the right path. Soon, the kids have to return home so he tells them to be careful going home and thanks them.


They’re about to go home when one of the kids stops and gives Takato a flower ring. She notices him making a pained expression earlier, so she asks if he hates the king. Everyone says the king is bad, but she knows that King actually fixed the soil so that they were able to see flowers blossoming in this area again. Her grandma told her that King might have done things the wrong way, but he’s truly a kind person. After she leaves, Takato slips the ring on Nadeshiko’s finger and leans on her. He whispers, asking her to go back together to their home. To her, home is wherever Takato is. (´;д;`)ブワッ

I’m still upset this ending doesn’t get an actual CG for the PS Vita port.


Instead of running away, Takato wants to show Nadeshiko something. He takes her to one of the labs that isn’t on fire yet. Back in her original world, he rounded up the people and created the special after school lessons group to monitor dangerous people around her. He was jealous of his past self too. In the beginning, the main reason was to alter her life a little bit so he could protect her. However, he was truly happy spending his days alongside her and the others, and he’s glad that the past him is different than him.


They arrive at a place with a big capsule. He’s sending her back to her original world. He knows how to prevent Rain from targeting her, and he’s sure that 2010 Takato will protect her. He’s sending her back to her original world and telling her to live happily. He has one last request. That is for her to keep on living. Still, she refuses to go back. She doesn’t want to leave him alone again. He loves her so much, but he took her away from 2010 Takato and the world she truly belonged. He apologizes because he knows she doesn’t want to, but he’s prideful and selfish, so he’s granting his own wish. Nadeshiko tries to push him away, but he gently hugs her.

He doesn’t want to hand her over to anyone else, but he can’t make her happy. He wanted to smile and live an ordinary life with her today, tomorrow, and the days afterward. He never wanted to destroy the world, but he doesn’t need a world without her. He thanks her for loving a good for nothing like him. He was really happy. He loved her more than anything and anyone else, so she needs to live happily in her original world. She doesn’t have to worry about a thing because she’ll forget about him. Then, suddenly, his stopped pocket watch starts ticking. He tells her not to cry as he wipes her tears away, but she can’t speak anymore because her soul transfer has begun. (´;д;`)ブワッ

“I love you. I loved the world where you were. If you’re not here, then the world means nothing to me.”

When she wakes up, she’s back in 2010 and sees Takato and Riichirou collapsed on the floor. Somebody mentions Takato is still unconscious, so she panics and starts crying. Her tears fall on his cheeks when he finally opens his eyes. She can’t hold herself back anymore and throws herself into his arms. She can’t stop her overflowing tears. She asks him not to go anywhere because she’ll always be by his side. He hugs her back and tells her it’s all going be okay because he’ll stay by her side too.


Eleven years later, Nadeshiko and Takato walk holding hands under the blossoming cherry blossoms trees. He graduated college and is now a teacher at their old elementary school. He’s popular among his students and even received love letters from them, even though classes only started a couple days ago. He tells her that he properly rejected them all because she’s the only woman for him. They reminisce about their elementary school life together but can’t seem to remember the teacher who created CZ. Takato also received a letter, addressed to “10 years ago Takato,” with an instruction to prevent her accident: stop his research. At the end of the letter, signed “10 years in the future Kaido Takato,” the writer asks Takato to protect Nadeshiko with everything he’s got.

In the Distorted World, Takato tells the sleeping Nadeshiko that he’ll always be waiting for her to wake up. Just as he leaves the room, 2020 Nadeshiko opens her eyes.


I love Takato so much *sobs uncontrollably* He’s really kind and have been through so much. Sure, he has some crazy edges, but he’s hurting because of and regretting everything he did. *SPOILER ALERT* From the scenario, I can safely assume that if a certain someone hadn’t pushed him to the brink of insanity, he wouldn’t have thrown himself into a research that ended up destroying the world. *SPOILER ALERT* He never intended for the world, or anyone, to suffer, but he came to a point where there was no turning back. I have NamiDai bias and I love kind, gentle characters (like most characters he voiced!), so I’m giving Takato “my favorite character in CZ” title. I hope he receives more love because he truly deserves it. ♥(。→v←。)♥

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