Clock Zero ~Shuuen no Ichibyou~ ExTime – Hanabusa Nakaba

I actually played Nakaba’s route last, but I kind of regretted doing that because all of the suspense and motivation is gone from finishing Takato’s route. (´• ω •`)


Nakaba is a carefree, energetic, honest, and happy-go-lucky sixth grader. He’s a simpleton who aspires to be a chef and a caring older brother to Madoka. He loves cooking and watching TV, especially cooking and tokusatsu, sentai anime shows. Nakaba is Hanabusa family business’ official successor.

One day after school, Nadeshiko hears a speaker announcement summoning Nakaba to the principal’s office. Nakaba is a little worried because he has no idea what it’s all about, so concerned Nadeshiko offers to come with. Nakaba thought he was in trouble, but the principal actually wanted to ask him for a favor. His daughter wishes to give a cake made by Nakaba as a present for her friend’s birthday.

Suddenly, Nakaba’s teacher barges in and apologizes for whatever Nakaba did wrong. After explaining what is really up, the principal and teacher cut him some slack and tells him to clean the room instead of taking extra after school lessons. Nadeshiko sticks around to help, which leads Nakaba to think that she’s a very kind person. In the middle of cleaning, he sees a mysterious button and tries to press it, but he accidentally knocks off a mountain of books. The books fall on them, but Nakaba protects her. He apologizes for messing up, but he’s glad to see that she’s not hurt.

Sometime later, Nadeshiko sees Nakaba and Madoka arguing by the school gate. She decides to go after Nakaba when he storms off. His smile seems forced, so she invites him over to her house, where she pours him tea and asks what happened. Instead of talking about it, he wonders what being a good older brother means.

He’s happy that Madoka admires him. However, he knows it’s not good to let Madoka suppress his own opinion just to go along with his, but at the same time he can’t say no to him either. Nadeshiko thinks just because they’re brothers doesn’t mean they have to agree on everything. Nakaba thanks her and admires that, unlike him, she’s really kind and mature. He’s pleasantly surprised to hear that she doesn’t hate him though, considering how 迷惑 he can be. ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \


Later, Nadeshiko walks home alone but feels that someone is following her. Her intuition was right, and soon, she’s approached by two men in black who somehow know her name. As they’re about to push her in a car, Nakaba comes running to save her, although unfortunately they knock him unconscious and take both of them as hostages.

Knowing how dangerous these guys might be, Nadeshiko agrees to cooperate as long as they let Nakaba go, but they don’t respond well to that. She is scared, but Nakaba assures her that it’s going to be okay because justice will always win. Although he seems calm, she notices that he’s shaking and scared too but tries his best not to worry her, so she thanks him. Fortunately, the police storm the place and rescue them soon thanks to Rain.

On their day off, Nadeshiko wants to give Nakaba two tickets to a circus as an apology for the other day. She calls him, but he invites her to his house instead. He hangs out before she can protest. At his house, Nakaba tells her to relax while he prepares lunch for her. Madoka thinks it’s thanks to her that Nakaba is so happy. When she tells him that his older brother would want him to express his true feelings more, Madoka understands that Nakaba is worried about him and thanks her. Nakaba comes back with a Hanabusa’s special full course lunch. He aims to be a chef who can make people smile with his cooking one day, so he puts tons of love in his cooking for her. LOL.

Nakaba is glad to see her smile and thinks that a smile suits her the best. Then, he asks to try some of his cooking, and she nervously gives him a spoonful of food from her spoon. She seems down after the kidnapping incident, so he’s been wondering if there’s something he could do to cheer her up. Nadeshiko thinks he’s just like a champion of justice. He blushes as he laughs and thanks her. When she hands him the circus tickets, he gives her a super popular sentai hero show ticket. He has three of them, so he asks her to go with him and Madoka. As for the circus, he’d like to go with her, just the two of them.

Nadeshiko wakes up at Yuushinkai headquarters in the Distorted World. Over the next few days, she befriends her assigned guard, Kaede, and she realizes he’s not a bad guy. When he notices she’s not feeling well, he agrees to let her walk around the garden. However, they get caught by Riku, one of Tora’s younger brothers, who lectures them and thinks that Kaede is being deceived. OMG Riku why’re you being such a bitch. Tora then shows up and punches Kaede before he drags Nadeshiko to meet Yuushinkai’s leader, Yoshimune.

Her encounter with Yoshimune scares her. Nadeshiko knows how far Yuushinkai is willing to go in her expense. She tackles Kaede while he’s trying to hand her dinner and manages to escape. In the South District, she runs into a familiar man from her dream. She asks him for help, but Tora shows up and threatens to hurt the man. Not wanting the kind stranger to get hurt, Nadeshiko tells him she’s OK and apologizes for involving him in something weird. The stranger agrees to let her go with Tora, but he promises that he’ll definitely save her before he leaves.

That night, she wakes up from her nightmare to find the stranger from earlier today in her room. Although he’s a stranger, he risks his life to save her. He knows it’s dangerous, but she asked him to help her, so he’ll help her get away if that’s what she wants. She asks him to save her and takes his hand.

The stranger takes her to his hideout, where she explains her circumstances. The stranger actually doesn’t think that the government is the all-evil institution everyone believes it to be. Still, he doesn’t agree with the way they conduct their business and hopes to reform the government instead of abolishing it. Then, her stomach rumbles, which makes him laugh and whip up a meal for her. He loves it when his cooking can make someone smile. That phrase sounds strangely familiar, but she brushes it off… until she tastes his food and realizes he’s Nakaba.

Of course this Nakaba is different than the Nakaba she knows, but his kindness is just the same. He decided he won’t abandon people who need his help ever since the world was destroyed in 2016. In addition, he wants to ask King why, even though he has a kind heart deep down, he chose ruthless ways to realize his dream of creating an ideal world where no one gets hurt.


Nakaba offers to say with Nadeshiko until she is calmed down and promises not to do anything weird, although he warns her that all men are wolves and not to let her guard down. LOL. She finds him still sleeping the next morning. He half-asleeply pulls her on top of him, mumbling something about wanting to see her smile. Awww. Then he wakes up confused, realizing that he’s not dreaming anymore. LOL.

Nadeshiko and Nakaba find out that Clock Zero started out as Kaidou Group’s research institution. As a researcher there, Kaidou Takato must be with the government. With Nakaba’s help and disguise, they sneak into the government building, hoping to find and talk to Takato. Unfortunately, they run into Bishop, who orders Nakaba’s capture and takes Nadeshiko to a locked room, where she finally learns that Bishop’s real name is Hanabusa Madoka. She realizes that Madoka pretends not to know his older brother so that they don’t rope Nakaba into dangerous situations. Not too long after Madoka leaves, she finally meets Rain and King.

Meanwhile, Nakaba is back at his hideout. Yuushinkai members are looking for him and Nadeshiko. He chooses to show up and meet Tora, telling him that Nadeshiko isn’t here anymore. Nakaba can’t let Nadeshiko be, so he offers to cooperate with Yuushinkai. He thinks the world still needs a government, but he can’t turn the other way if King has another hidden objective.

A few days later, Nakaba surprised Nadeshiko by showing up in the government building in his police disguise. He knows that King is actually Takato, and Bishop is his younger brother. He selfishly wants to take her away from here with him. He doesn’t want to see her sad. However, he still asks her what she wants to do. She appreciates his effort but doesn’t want to see him hurt. To him, though, whether or not she is a trouble is something he’d decide by himself. Soon, they get discovered by the government, so they run for it. Nakaba laughs because he guesses the disguises weren’t working at all. But everything will be okay because he promised that he’ll save her.

They end up at what seems to be a research lab and meet a woman named Shigure, who is somewhat familiar to them for some reason. Shigure seems confused and doesn’t remember being affiliated with Yuushinkai. Soon, Rain shows up. He unexpectedly offers to look the other way and let them escape. He thinks it is better that Nadeshiko is not by Takato’s side because, that way, the world would suffer further. Then, he leaves, and they safely make it back to Nakaba’s hideout.

[END 28 – Dimmed Light]

They’re caught by the government police and don’t manage to escape. Takato didn’t hurt Nakaba as he promised, but when Nadeshiko meets Nakaba again, he’s completely brainwashed and doesn’t remember who she is.

The woman they met is actually Saionji Shigure, Tora’s mother and captured Yuushinkai’s leader. From her condition, she might have been brainwashed by the government. Nakaba can’t agree to something like that. He also doesn’t want Nadeshiko to feel like she’s at fault. It doesn’t matter that she was the reason the world was destroyed in the first place. To Nakaba, she’s just a regular girl, one with a strong personality but really kind.

When Nadeshiko is cleaning the hideout one day, she finds an easy childbirth charm that Nakaba always wears around his neck. She feels down because she thinks that Nakaba has a wife or a girlfriend. She brings it up when he comes back, thinking that he’s living away from his wife, but he bursts out laughing. The charm is something he was given by a pregnant woman he had helped as thanks. It’s a symbol that he’s able to help someone, so it’s important to him. Although this was a misunderstanding, Nakaba seems happy that she was sulking because she thought he was married.

Nadeshiko wants to support and be with Nakaba. He thinks she is a good kid and wants to help her, but she shouldn’t trust men so easily. Feeling disappointed, she excuses herself, but he stops her. He doesn’t want to see her sad and apologizes. He’s happy that she feels safe around him, but he’s still a man and someday she’ll return to her original world. Nadeshiko wants him to see her as someone special, but she understands that her feelings trouble him, so she asks him to forget about what she said.

A couple days pass. Per Nakaba’s invitation, Madoka shows up. For the sake of sending Nadeshiko back to her original world, Nakaba asks his brother to let him return Saionji Shigure to Yuushinkai. Despite the danger, Madoka helps him do just that. After some talking, Tora agrees to help her get back home but asks them for some time to take care of his mother and prepare things first. They have to keep this a secret from Yoshimune too. Riku stares daggers at them and doesn’t think they should let Nadeshiko go home, but Tora tells him to shut up.

On their way home, Nakaba takes her to a flower field that Takato has been taking care of. The soil was destroyed when the world was wrecked, but he made these flowers bloom. Nakaba believes that the world stands a chance. It might be hard right now, but as long as they don’t give up, they can definitely rebuild the world with everyone’s help. That why everything is going to be all right, and she doesn’t need to worry about a thing.


Nakaba is surprised and stutters when Nadeshiko suddenly confesses that she likes him. The hardest thing about going home for her is saying goodbye to him. He’s done and given so much for her. She believes that Nakaba can definitely change the world and thanks him. He turns red and tells her that he’s glad that he met her and thanks her for her feelings. She’s happy enough even if he only likes her as a sister as long as there’s a place in his heart for her. Then, he promises that he’ll change this broken world and asks her to live happily in her own world and move forward. She promises that she’ll protect everyone’s future and prevent her own world from meeting the same fate as this world.

The day Nadeshiko is going home is finally here. They arrive at Yuushinkai, where Shuuya apologizes for involving her in this world’s problem. She knows he’s suffering too, so she forgives him. He tells her that she’d be able to go home safely now because he and Riichirou have taken care of everything.

When Nadeshiko hugs Nakaba, wanting to tell him how, truthfully, she wants to be with him, he tells her that he’s actually really lonely. He can’t tell her his true wish because it might hurt someone and at the end, he’s still the same cowardly person. Nadeshiko doesn’t think it’s cowardice but kindness. In the beginning, Nakaba thought she was just like a lost kid who probably would look really cute if she smiles. But ever since when, he started thinking how nice it’d be to have her smiling by his side. Then he asks if they can hold hands because that’s what he wishes for right now. Unfortunately, Tora interrupts them to talk to Nakaba alone.

Out of the blue, with both Tora and Nakaba gone, Riku shows up and holds Nadeshiko at a knifepoint. He drags her to Yoshimune, who can’t accept the condition Shigure is in. King snatched away something important to him, so he’ll do the same thing to him by hurting her.

[END 31 – The world without you]

Nakaba finds Nadeshiko, but Riku accidentally stabs her because she’s fighting back. Shuuya transports her consciousness back to 2010 to save her.

Fortunately, Nakaba comes rushing and tackles Riku to the ground. He gets hurt from the brawl and is reaaaaaaally angry. He tells Yoshimune that he’s dumb (OMG YES Nakaba!) and that it’s stupid to involve an innocent person like her just because he’s a mean little bitch. What Yoshimune is about to do won’t make him any different than King.

Nakaba won’t forgive anyone who’d hurt someone precious to him. Then, Shigure shows up and punches Yoshimune and Riku in the face. This is the best scene ever. Nadeshiko apologizes because it’s her fault that Nakaba is hurt, but he tells her that it’s nothing. It’d be pathetic if he lets the person he loves get hurt. He was really scared that she’d get hurt and his body moved on its own. He’s really glad that she’s okay.

It’s almost time for her to go, so he hands her his homemade muffin. She laughs and thinks it’s just like him to hand her sweets at a time like this. She splits the muffin in two and hands him the other half. However, as she realizes that she won’t be able to see him again, she starts crying. Nadeshiko apologizes, but Nakaba tells her not to cry. There’s nothing for her to apologize because she needs to go home. Still, he doesn’t want to let go of her even though he knows he has to.



As she lays down in the capsule to go home, Nakaba asks if she would listen to his final wish.  He draws closer, kisses her, and asks her not to forget about him… even though he knows from Tora that she would lose her memories of him soon. She always tells him that he saved her, but the truth is he was the one who’s always been saved by her. He received courage from her, and her strength was like light at the end of a tunnel to him. He loves and will never forget about her, so he asks her to remember him. He promises that he’ll always think of her no matter where he is.

Nadeshiko wakes up in her room in 2010 and realizes that Nakaba is sleeping by her bed side, holding her hand. Then he wakes up, really happy that she’s awake, and asks if she’s hurt anywhere. Apparently she collapsed at school near the clock tower. She’s been unconscious since then and everyone’s been visiting and worrying about her. He fell asleep and realize that it’s now night.

He’s been holding her hands because she looked like she was in pain. Nadeshiko asks him not to let go for a while. He smiles and tells her that he will hold her hand until she feels better. He also brought her strawberry muffin they should eat later. Hearing that, she cries but tells him that she cries because his hand is really warm. Soon, even though she doesn’t want to forget, she loses her memories of the Distorted World and 2020 Nakaba.


Ten years later, Nadeshiko and Nakaba are in a long distance relationship. He’s a famous chef overseas and would come home every now and then, but he hasn’t been in Japan for a while. He calls her one evening just to hear her voice. Nadeshiko is embarrassed but happy because she wanted to hear his voice too. He wants her to be selfish and asks him anything, but he’s surprised when she tells him she just wanted to eat his homemade sweets.

He tells her that he’s in big trouble right now because he wants to see her so much. Phone calls just won’t do anymore. He’s been distracted at work because of it. Then, she suddenly hears his voice from behind her. He wanted to see her so he came home. She’s really surprised to see him because he didn’t say anything about coming back. She welcomes him home, and he replies with “I’m home.” He’s going to spoil and monopolize her to make up for the time they were away from each other.


Nadeshiko tells Nakaba that she doesn’t want to go home. She wants to stay here by his side. He tells her he wants her to be happy and pushes her inside the time capsule and kisses her. She’s stronger and kinder than anyone else he knows. He confesses that he loves her. If he doesn’t say it now, he knows he’ll regret it for the rest of his life. He’ll always think of her even if she forgets about him someday. Although she begs him not to let her go home, he bids her goodbye.

Nadeshiko wakes up in a room she doesn’t recognize and realize she’s back in 2010. She tells a worried Takato that she lost something precious that she won’t get back again, but he tells her that she shouldn’t give up so easily on something that is precious to her. He’ll help her no matter how long it would take, because she’s a precious friend to him. She doesn’t want to give up on Nakaba and tells Takato everything. She writes whatever she remembers down so that she won’t forget about the Distorted World.


A few months later, Takato informs her that he found a way to transport her back to 2020. However, if the transport is a success and her 2010 body wakes up, he’ll destroy everything so that the technique can never be used again. She’ll never be able to go back to 2010. But she’s decided. She wants to see 2020 Nakaba.

Nadeshiko wakes up in Shuuya’s room in 2020. Shuuya tells her that “that guy” is waiting for her at their promised place, and she runs out and finds Nakaba at the flower field. He’s surprised to see her and thought he was imagining things. She tells him that she came back because she wanted to see him. She can’t live in a world without him, so she shouts that she loves him and asks to be with him forever. Truthfully, he’s been regretting the fact that he let her go himself, so he asks her to be his, and only his. Then, he asks her to be by his side forever and welcomes her home.


I like Nakaba as a character, but his route feels a little draggy, especially his stay ending. It’s also a bit more angsty than I would’ve liked to be honest, with both Nakaba and Nadeshiko holding their feelings back waaay to much even though it’s obvious that they like each other.

One thing I really like about it is actually seeing Yoshimune get his ass kicked. ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ He get away with twisted shit in the other routes, so watching him get punched square in the face is extremely satisfying for me.

2 thoughts on “Clock Zero ~Shuuen no Ichibyou~ ExTime – Hanabusa Nakaba

  1. glad I’m not the only one who felt like Nakaba’s route was kinda thrown in there and out of place with the forced drama. a shame but not that surprising I guess lol. woulda been better if they just left it as an FD route or something.

    1. Yeah idk they could’ve executed it better I guess. His route is draggy and angsty that sometimes I just stopped paying attention and there’s too much unnecessary drama in the stay ending like jeez it’s the ending why’re you throwing this shit in here 😦

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