Clock Zero ~Shuuen no Ichibyou~ ExTime – Hanabusa Madoka

Madoka’s route is my number one favorite! He’s such a cutie. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑


Madoka is the reserved and polite but painfully sharp tongued son of the famous restaurant HANABUSA’s general manager. He always seems indifferent towards everyone except for his older brother, Nakaba, with whom he’s extremely attached to. His hobbies include following Nakaba around (according to him) and handicrafts (according to Nakaba). He’s a fifth grader and Shuuya’s classmate.

One day after school, Nakaba asks Nadeshiko to accompany Madoka to the grocery store. Their parents asked him to go but he has to return home right away to catch an anime on TV. Madoka thinks he’s going to be fine by himself, but Nakaba won’t let him go alone because there’s a really big dog at one of the houses on the way to the store and he’s scared of dogs. Nakaba then runs home, leaving his little brother in Nadeshiko’s hands.

Nadeshiko thinks the dog is pretty cute, but Madoka stares holes at the dog before he pulls her away with a shaking hand to go through by crossing someone else’s yard. ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ After shopping, he thanks her for coming with him… because if he goes home without saying thank you, Nakaba would be sad. Madoka thinks it is “natural” for a younger brother to look up to his older brother, but she thinks he idolizes his brother way too much. Even Nakaba said he wants Madoka to voice his own opinions too. However, getting along with anyone other than Nakaba is of no significance to him. If he doesn’t support everything Nakaba does, then he can’t stay his younger brother.

Sometime later, Nadeshiko sees Nakaba and Madoka arguing. Having Madoka think that he is right all the time doesn’t make Nakaba happy, and he thinks that Madoka isn’t thinking about his feelings at all. After Nakaba stormed off, Nadeshiko calls out to Madoka. He seems off, but she learns that his eyesight is actually pretty bad, and he simply didn’t notice her presence for a while. Then, she freaks out because he suddenly draws his face really close to hers, but that’s really because he’s scared since there’s a dog behind him. LOL.

Madoka says what happened between him and his brother was none of her business but ends up telling her that Nakaba’s classmate jokingly made fun of Nakaba. Said classmate didn’t take Madoka’s warning well, so he resorted to violence… but it didn’t end in his favor because Madoka practiced aikido and kicked the kid’s butt. Even if it’s a joke, Madoka won’t forgive anyone who badmouths his brother. However, when he reveals that he and Nakaba aren’t related by blood, Nadeshiko explains that they’re two different people and should be able to have their own opinions. She wants to get to know him. Not as Nakaba’s brother but as Madoka himself. This is the first time someone, other than Nakaba, ever says that about him.

Nadeshiko finds Madoka all by himself after special lessons one afternoon. She wants to learn more about him, so they sit on a bench and spend time talking until late. Nobody ever wanted to get close to him, so he thought it was just normal to be alone until she came along. She’s meddlesome, but he doesn’t find her company unpleasant. He then asks if he likes girly things and pulls out a bead strap he made “while thinking of her.” Of course he didn’t make it for her—because he would only do things for Nakaba’s sake—but he thinks it suits her and that it’s best if she takes it. Nadeshiko thanks him and thinks he’s actually a selfish person. He just pretends that he isn’t.

His family is very nice, so he’s scared that if he acts on his own will, he’d be rejected and hated by them. Nadeshiko understands the feeling and tells him that it’s okay for him to be a little more selfish. If he gets scolded for that, she would go to his house and complain. Madoka thinks she’s the weirdest person he’s ever met but sincerely thanks her. Nakaba then shows up, looking for him because watching anime without him is boring, and asks Madoka to go home with him. Nadeshiko points out in a low voice that Nakaba would still come for him even though he’s being a little selfish. Madoka seems a little surprised but agrees.

On their day off, Nadeshiko gets a call from Madoka. Nakaba did tell him to thank her for troubling her the other day, but he’s calling to ask her out on his own accord. He takes her to an extremely popular café and apologizes for not telling her that the café is actually owned by the Hanabusa family. This is his first time using his family’s name to get into a place like this. He asked his parents for this selfish wish, and they were happy that he finally asked them for something. They asked if he’s taking a girl with and teased him for it. Awww.


Inside, he treats Nadeshiko to a ton of delicious sweets and pastries. She looks so happy it makes me happy ♥ When she suggests that he and Nakaba should open a new kind of store in the future, combining Nakaba’s pastries and Madoka’s jewelries, she’s surprised at how excited and happy he seems at the idea. She thinks that Madoka has changed from the stoic, indifferent person she met a month ago.

After Nadeshiko is transported to the Distorted World and wakes up at the government facility, Bishop reveals that “Bishop” is just a title and that his real name is Hanabusa Madoka. Nakaba isn’t with the government and his whereabouts is unknown.

A couple days later, Madoka visits her room because King asked him to check up on her. He doesn’t really care how she’s doing or feeling because it’s none of his business. She’d feel better knowing Madoka is around but he’s not the Madoka she knows, because the latter is a kind person. Madoka concludes that she’s lonely without him. If that’s the case, keeping her company is within his responsibilities.

After explaining that he and the Madoka she knows are different people, he offers to be her chatting buddy… or her pretend-lover if she wants. She panics and pushes him away, but he seems amused. He’s only joking, and he’s not Takato. He’s not going to humor a twelve year-old trapped in a twenty-two year-old body like her. Nadeshiko is angry that he made fun of her, but he pats her head and tells her that his job here is done because she seems to be feeling more energetic.

Not too long after, Takato comes by and asks if she’d like to go for a walk with him.

[END 15 – The Disappeared Tea Cup]

Nadeshiko agrees to walk around outside with him. When they get back, Takato pours her some tea, but her tea cup breaks and cuts her hand. Seeing her hurt freaks Takato out, and he assures her that he’ll always protect her. Then, he hugs her, saying that he won’t hand her over to anyone else, and she loses consciousness.

Nadeshiko refuses his offer. Later that day, she runs into Madoka in the hallway. He’s impressed when she tells him that she wants to learn more about this world so that she can face Takato head on. He then offers to take her around outside the building. Sadly, he has no idea what she’s talking about when she mentions the strap he had given her. She treasures the strap so much that he begins to wonder if she’s in love with him, but she retorts that she really hates him.

One day, Madoka barges into Nadeshiko’s room, complaining that Takato has been depressed lately, which makes his job harder, because she’s been refusing to talk to him. She finally agrees to go if Madoka comes along. She hates him, but at least he doesn’t pretend to like her either. Nadeshiko, Takato, Madoka, and Rain end up taking a walk outside together. However, she doesn’t find the answer that she was looking for, and the truth that she was the reason the world was destroyed crushes her.


Madoka tells her that she should accept the facts as they are and that it’s okay to cry. Then, he hugs her, letting her yell and cry as much as she wants. He points out that she looks awful but doesn’t let go, and she realizes no matter how much he’s changed, Madoka is still an important person to her. After she’s calmed down, he invites her to his room and pours her some tea. She thanks him, but he didn’t hug her because he was being kind. He hates it when people are being noisy so there’s no need to thank him.

The truth is, after the world was destroyed in 2016, he was separated from his family. He has been looking for them ever since but not everyone has an identification code, such as people in hiding or Yuushinkai members. He cooperates with Takato because he promised Madoka he’d find his family and reunite them if he works for him. Madoka would do anything to see his family again, which includes hurting her, if necessary.

Madoka sulks when he finds her casually having tea with Takato because she never acts that nice and normal around him. Then, he takes her for a walk outside, where she teases him by pretending there are dogs around. As it turns out, his fear of dogs hasn’t been cured. He takes her hand, asks what sort of things she hates, and refuses to let go until he hears her answer. It’s only fair that he knows her weaknesses too. She replies that she hates him. Instead of finding it offensive, he finds it amusing and pulls her closer. It’s a good thing that she hates him because he can easily do stuff like this to annoy her.

Suddenly, they’re confronted by Yuushinkai members who call them “government’s dogs.” Nadeshiko tries to stay out of the way while Madoka beats them up, but she is suddenly taken away by an unknown guy to a safer place. He thought she was pulled into their fight and saved her. He’s not with Yuushinkai or the government but is somewhat familiar to her. He holds an identification code, but it’s a fake so the government can’t track his movement. He doesn’t want to oppose the government but to reform it. He claims to be the “champion of justice”… and he turns out to be Nakaba.

Then, Madoka shows up. He and Nakaba argue until Nadeshiko finally reveals that they’re brothers and reunite them. Madoka found the person he’s been looking for, but he doesn’t look too happy. Later, he tells Nadeshiko that he can’t save her. He has found Nakaba and his family, so there’s no reason for him to stay with the government. However, he’d risk having Takato come after his family if he takes her with him.

He’s leaving now, and he’s not coming back. He’s going to leave her here, inside the King’s birdcage. Nadeshiko understands but wonders why something stings her chest. He’s hesitating, so she tells him to go. Her pride won’t let her ask him for help, but he doesn’t hate that pride of hers. He apologizes for treating her like a child all this time. Before he leaves, he tells her that he is to blame for her accident nine years ago and asks her to forget about him.

A couple days after Madoka left, Nadeshiko receives the exact same strap 2010 Madoka made her from Rain. She also finds out that Takato withheld information about Madoka’s family’s whereabouts because, to him, Madoka is indispensable. He has committed a sin. The day Nadeshiko had her accident, Madoka called her to the place where she got hit by a car. Takato doesn’t despise him, though, because he was probably played and used as a pawn by someone else. However, it was necessary to punish him for hurting Nadeshiko. She understands now why Madoka always looked at her with anger in his eyes: she’s the very reason of his misery.

Madoka can’t stop thinking about Nadeshiko ever since he left. Then, they receive news that King is getting married. Madoka doesn’t believe it because he knows Takato is a kind person. He just did the wrong things for the right reasons. Madoka thinks the news is a hoax and just a bait to lure him out. Thankfully, Nakaba helps him realize that he’s in love with Nadeshiko and talks him into storming the government building.

Madoka shows up in front of her, out of breath, hoping that he made it before the ceremony. Rain points out he must be talking about Kaeru, his sarcastic talking puppet, and Kaeruko’s wedding. Then, Kaeru asks him if Kaeruko is a beauty. LOL. When Takato shows up and asks what he is here for, Madoka answers that he forgot something of his and pulls Nadeshiko into his arms. They walk out together, and she should listen when he says he’s going to protect her. After they leave, Takato tells his subordinates that he’s going to support Nadeshiko no matter what and that he’ll take her back, fair and square, after his promise of giving her a peaceful life is realized. What an evil king.


Madoka seems mad when they arrive at Nakaba’s place. He tells Nadeshiko that she’s hard to understand, stubborn, and too selfless for her own good. It irritates him. She’s annoying, but it’s even more so when she’s not by his side. Then, he kisses her since she keeps asking him questions. There’s no way he’d hand a stubborn and brazen woman like her to someone else, so she should take responsibility and have her eyes only on him. It can’t be helped, but it seems like she’s in love with him as well. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪

From this point onward, Madoka plans to follow Nakaba and support his cause of reforming the current government. He gives her a bracelet he made “while thinking of her,” and asks her what she wants to do. Nadeshiko is thinking about it, but she wants him to ask her not to go home. Instead of saying that, he tells her that he first met her at a party nine years ago. Soon after, he received threatening letters ordering him to call her out to a certain place at a certain time or his family’s life is going to be in danger. At that time, he chose his family over her. He has been lamenting over the fact that he handed an innocent girl over to a bad person. This time, he promises to protect her future… and his as well.

[END 18 – Please Go Home]

Madoka is adamant that she goes home. He tries to send her back to her original world but is stopped by Takato.


Nadeshiko can’t let everyone and Madoka back in 2010 be. In order to send her back home, they have to return to the government building and use their equipments. With Nakaba’s help, they sneak in, and Madoka takes her inside the capsule. However, she’s hesitating because she realizes won’t see him again. Madoka then tells her that a sad face doesn’t suit her. Everything is going to be okay, and she’ll forget about him and this world soon. He wishes her to be happy with 2010 Madoka and well. As she loses consciousness, she hears Takato’s threatening voice telling Madoka that he won’t forgive him for sending her back. (´;ω;`)


Back in 2010, Nadeshiko wakes up in a hospital room, where Madoka enters bringing flowers. He’s been waiting by her side but is too shy to admit it. She passed out at school, along with Takato and Riichirou, and ended up here, but everyone is all right. Then, she cries because 2020 Madoka isn’t here. Madoka then offers to call the doctor, but she asks him to stay. He then tells her to cry as much as she wants, as long as she doesn’t blame him later, and asks her not to do anything rash ever again because he was really worried about her.

Ten years later, Nadeshiko is in college, Madoka is a jewelry designer, and Nakaba is a popular chef. Madoka is late, so Nakaba asks if she’d like to ditch her boyfriend for him instead. Soon, Madoka shows up and asks his brother not to hit on other people’s girlfriend. LOL. Nakaba complains that he’s not as cute anymore and remembers the time when he used to follow him around, admiring him.


Madoka was late because of work. He then hands her a gift for her birthday. Inside the box, she finds a cute bracelet he had made for her. It’s his original and there shouldn’t be another one like it. However, the bracelet looks familiar, and she pulls out an identical bracelet. She doesn’t remember how she got it, but Madoka calls her cruel for keeping a gift another (possibly) man had given her. ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \He asks for his gift back because he’ll make her something else. He admits that he’s jealous and asks her to let him vent his anger… by kissing her in public. (*´ω`*) As expected, Nakaba’s cake is the best in the world… and so is her kiss. He won’t hand her over to anyone, not even his brother.


Nadeshiko chooses to stay in this world with Madoka, but before she can say anything, he pulls her into his arms and tells her that he won’t let her go. He’s a selfish person and won’t accept a world without her. Still, he’s surprised when Nadeshiko confirms that she’s staying.

After that, they move from place to place, recruiting people who’d like to reform the government. She tries to help by gathering information about Takato’s movement, but Madoka gets angry and tells her that it’s not her job. It takes some effort to pry it out of him, but he finally admits that he doesn’t like her mentioning Takato’s name because she always makes such a sad face every time she does so.


He also doesn’t want her to think about Takato, while at the same time she’s been jealous of Nakaba because the brothers have been spending so much time together. It seems like they have turned each other into a pair of idiots. Unfortunately, just as they’re about to kiss and make up, Nakaba accidentally interrupts them. He yells at them to get a room, but Madoka shoos him because they’re busy right now. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪


OMG Madoka bby (*´∀`*) =3

He’s really sweet, devoted, and his route just made me go ドキドキ the entire time. Madoka is my second overall favorite character, but his route is definitely the most romantic compared to the other guys. He’s pretty cold and distant in the beginning but he warms up to Nadeshiko pretty quickly. It’s really interesting to see him transforming from an extremely attached, cute little brother to a devilish, arrogant cutie. LOL. Even Nakaba complains how so uncute he had become.

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