Clock Zero ~Shuuen no Ichibyou~ ExTime – Kanou Riichirou

I love Rittan dearly… but it was pretty hard for me to enjoy his route. _(:3」∠)_


Kanou Riichirou, a sixth grader, is Nadeshiko’s grumpy childhood friend and classmate. Riichirou often fights and bickers with her, but he’s a kind and caring person deep down. He comes from a traditional family who practices Urasenke-style tea ceremony and is a member of the tea ceremony club. He enjoys doing crossword puzzles and hates thunders.

Riichirou loses a Rock Paper Scissors game and has to stay behind after the tea ceremony club meeting to clean up. Nadeshiko decides to come over and help instead of going home alone. He doesn’t notice her coming at first as he performs the tea ceremony elegantly and like a pro,  but he offers to make her a cup of tea instead of scolding her for bothering him and breaking his concentration. She tries to follow the rules, but he laughs (he rarely laughs) and assures her that she can drink it however she likes in front of him.

Sometime later, Nadeshiko notices that Riihirou has been acting grumpier than usual. He tells her that he can’t go home together with her and points out that she’s been feeling down since a classmate confessed to Takato. Nadeshiko is confused but then realizes that Riichirou is actually lonely because she doesn’t spend a lot of time with him anymore. He turns beet red and denies it, but she knows that she hits a bull’s eye. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ She’ll wait for him to finish his club activity so they can go home together after all.

One day after school, they visit a nearby bookstore together and walk around the area they used to play at as kids. A long time ago, Nadeshiko stood up for Riichirou when he was bullied. She ended up getting hurt, and the bullies ran away. Riichirou cried, but she told him that everything is okay and no matter what happens, she’ll always be his ally. She can’t remember what he promised her that day though.

It’s already late when they walk home. Nadeshiko doesn’t think her dad would get worried about her coming home late, but that’s not true. When they were younger, her dad told him that he wouldn’t let Riichirou take her as a bride if he doesn’t grow stronger. Unlike her, he never forgets a promise he made. She wonders what he means, but he tells her it was nothing.

On their day off, they spend the day doing homework together at Riichirou’s. Nadeshiko looks around the room and sees an old photo of them holding hands at the elementary school’s opening ceremony. She wonders why they’re not as close anymore and is uneasy that their relationship has changed. Riichirou calls her an idiot. To him, her opinion is all that matters. If her strong personality makes someone cry and she gets blamed for it, he would never like the person who blames her, no matter how the incident started. He’s the one who never changed.

In the Distorted World, Wanderer reveals himself as her childhood friend, Kanou Riichirou, the same person who climbed out a tree to get a fruit and cried because he couldn’t get down by himself. Instead of telling her anything, he gives her a telecommunication device and tells her to use it if something happens. She’s probably mad because he doesn’t properly explain anything, but he promises that he’d never betray her.

Some days later, she wakes up to her telecommunication device ringing. Riichirou called to make sure she’s okay, and they end up talking about their past. She wants to talk some more, but he promises he’ll call her again and hangs up. She’s lonely, but hearing his voice makes her feel better.

Nadeshiko is scared and angry after Yoshimune, Yuushinkai leader, told her that they intend to use her in a prisoner swap. She snaps when Riichirou visits her, but he hugs and tells her that he won’t let them hand her over or hurt her, although he can’t answer when she asks what he can do by himself. He wasn’t there when she needed him the most. She knows it’s not his fault, but she asks him to leave her alone. He seems sad, apologizes to her, and leaves the room. (´・ω・`)


Nadeshiko has been refusing to eat since then. Thanks to Shuuya, Nadeshiko and Riichirou are able to go out for a walk, although there’s still tension in the air between them. Nadeshiko trips and almost falls, but he catches her. They end up walking while holding hands and apologizing to each other.

He knew they’d be separated and taking different paths someday, but he never imagined losing her the way he did. He apologizes for not being there at the most crucial moments. He wasn’t even there when she had the accident. He went to the hospital as soon as he heard about it. There, she told him it’s all going to be okay, but then she grew quiet. He blames himself ever since for not being able to do more to save her. This time, he’ll definitely save and return her to her original world. (´;д;`)

Without Nadeshiko’s knowledge, Riichirou has been jumping back in time. One day, he passes out due to over exhaustion and sleep deprivation. When he wakes up, she asks what he’s been doing and pushing himself for. He thinks it’s none of her business, but she holds him back. She can’t leave him alone like this when she knows that he’s fighting for her sake. But he knows how she’s feeling already. They’ve been together for a long time, after all.

[END 11 – A Wish for the Four-leaf Clover]

Nadeshiko thinks that he hasn’t been fighting for her but for the other “her.” She has had enough of not knowing anything and waiting around to be saved. Riichirou then goes on a tangent, reminding her of a time when they looked for a four-leaf clover together. He wanted to wish for them to always be together, but they didn’t find any. She told him then that he didn’t have to wish for that to happen because they’ll always be together. He wished they had found one, though. Then he leaves and never comes back.

Nadeshiko asks him to look at the real her, the person standing in front of him right now. She thinks the “Nadeshiko” he’s been chasing after and wanting to save isn’t her, but Riichirou believes that she is and he wants to save her. He can’t explain why right now, but the reason why he can’t be by her side is because he wants to save her.

Riichirou has been avoiding her ever since. Then, Shuuya takes her outside because there’s something she needs to see for herself. They arrive at Riichirou’s hideaway house and see Riichirou’s transparent body. Before she can ask what’s happening, Shuuya pushes her toward him, and the next thing she knows, they’re transported to 2010.

As it turns out, Riichirou has been looking for a way to save her. It’s not enough to know about her accident. Someone is clearly targeting her. He has seen her get into the same accident countless times as he time-jumped. She wants to help, but he isn’t letting her because he doesn’t want to see her sad. She realizes that he’s still looking at the “Nadeshiko,” who was gone, and not really her. Nadeshiko tells her that she’s his ally, no matter what. She doesn’t want to see him sad either. He looks surprised then calls her stubborn and laughs. It doesn’t matter if he likes it or not, she’s coming with him.


Since it started raining, they look for a shelter. They’re drenched and cold. Riichirou offers her to share his mantle, but she feels nervous and wonders if it’s really okay since they’re alone and she’s a girl. He laughs and gently tells her that it’s fine. He tells her not to be scared of the thunders, and she realizes how much of an adult he had become, knowing how much he hated thunders, and that she loves him.

Before Yuushinkai, Riichirou was actually a member of the government. One day, out of the blue, he was invited by King to join the government and was given the title “Knight.” People who were given titles are considered the government’s top brass because King trusts them. He never saw King and didn’t know who he was or why he invited him, but he joined to look for the missing Nadeshiko. However, after spending time there, he couldn’t find any clue, and that was when he met Tora and Yuushinkai members when they stormed the government building. Tora invited him to defect, and Riichirou didn’t see a reason to stay, so he did so.

When Nadeshiko and Riichirou jump through time and space, they end up at one where Nadeshiko has her accident. He’s shaken up that he let her see her own demise and apologizes to her, over and over again, for not being able to do anything.

Then, they return to 2020, where Nadeshiko hugs and tells him that she loves him. She won’t go anywhere because she wants to be by his side. Even though he loved the other “her,” she still loves him. He admits that he hasn’t been seeing her for who she is, but she really is Nadeshiko, the person he’s attached to ever since they were kids. He’s been in love with her since forever, and, even when they were twelve, he sees her not just as a childhood friend but as a woman.

Riichirou finds out that Yoshimune lied to him and won’t hold his end of the bargain of not hurting Nadeshiko when they return to Yuushinkai. Yoshimune has decided to hand her over to the government and drags her away while Yuushinkai members beat Riichirou up. Even Shuuya was captured and punished for helping them “escape.”

That night, her telecommunication device rings. It’s Riichirou, calling to make sure she isn’t hurt. She’s more worried about him, but he tells her that he’s a man and therefore can take two beatings or three. He apologizes for being naïve and letting Yoshimune deceive him. He’s going to save her no matter what and asks her to wait for him.

[END 14 – Not the One Reflected in Those Eyes]

Nadeshiko asks Riichirou to save her. He promises that he’ll definitely save her this time. Later that night, he sneaks into her room to help her escape, but they’re about to be discovered by Yuushinkai members, so he jumps them into another time-space to avoid being captured.

They walk around and unconsciously end up at the exact spot where 2011 Nadeshiko is supposed to get into an accident. Although she tries to stop him, Riichirou pushes 2011 Nadeshiko out of the way and jumps in front of the car. He dies in her arms, calling for the “Nadeshiko” who was already gone. (´;д;`)

Nadeshiko asks Riichirou not to save her anymore because she doesn’t want to see him get hurt and hangs up. The government comes for her later that night, but Riichirou unexpectedly shows up and saves her from the government police. He’s covered in bruises but is glad that she’s safe. He was scared and wouldn’t know what to do if he loses her. There’s no way he could abandon her, no matter what she said, because he promised her a long time ago that he won’t cry anymore. He’ll get stronger so that he can protect her. He can’t believe she forgot about it.


He swears to her, the person who’s standing in front of him right now, that he’ll always protect her. He treasures her the most in this world, even more than himself. He asks if it’s okay for him to spoil her, and she says yes. They kiss and declare their love for each other once more. It’s so sweet omg. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑He kisses her until she runs out of breath. She realizes that he’s her first love and wishes that time would stop right here, right now.

After that, they return to Shuuya’s room, but of course he’s not there. Riichirou assures her not to worry about Shuuya because he’s extremely intelligent and an important figure within Yuushinkai. Then, he turns serious as he tells her that he’s happy even though he’s not by her side as long as she’s smiling. However, he wants to be the one to make her happy. Turns out, he’s been preparing a way for her to return to her original world with the help of two of his Yuushinkai researchers allies.

Riichirou wants her to go home, where she’s safe. Shuuya already prepared a way to redo the “time stop” and transfer her consciousness before he was caught. She doesn’t need to worry about her being targeted too, because 2010 Riichirou will surely protect her. He proceeds to hand Nadeshiko to the researchers before he leaves the room, even though she wants to wants to stay with and begs him not to let her go home. OMG Riichirou why’re you making Nadeshiko cry! 😦



Nadeshiko wakes up to 2010 Riichirou calling her name. She’s back in 2010, and he’s worried because she passed out in the school corridor. When he asks why she’s crying, she realizes that she can’t stop her overflowing tears. She calls Riichirou an idiot, over and over again, as she cries in his arms. He asks her to let go at first, but he gives up and finally lets her, although he warns her not to wipe her runny nose on his uniform. LOL. Then, she asks him to always be together forever.

Ten years later, Nadeshiko is currently dating this world’s Riichirou and has lost her memory of the Distorted World and 2020 Riichirou already. She and Riichirou have been busy and haven’t seen each other much recently. Her dad is super tough on him too. Once, he called her house, and her dad told him that he doesn’t have a daughter. ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \

Their fathers haven’t been getting along recently, and she wonders if he’d give up on her if her dad opposes their relationship. However, Riichirou already devised a countermeasure and hands her an engagement ring. He’s the only one who can look after someone as troublesome as her, after all. She still wants to hear his proposal, but he claims he already did so a long time ago and she just doesn’t remember it.


For some reason, though, she does and finishes his sentence together with him: “no matter what, I’ll always protect you.” Without realizing it or knowing why, she cries. Riichirou gently wipes her tears away and slips on the ring on her finger. It’s a perfect fit. He won’t say it again, so he asks her to listen. He loves her more than anyone and anything in the whole wide world. Then, he asks her to marry him.


Nadeshiko refuses to go home, manages to wrestle the researches to get out of the room, and after Riichirou. She blatantly tells him that she won’t go home. She’s not going to sit around waiting to be saved. Nadeshiko is coming with him to get rid of the source of her accident. He calls her stubborn and points out that she never listens to what other people say, but she doesn’t want to hear that coming from him.

They jump in time to 2010 at the time when she supposedly came into contact with a certain “someone.” She always gets into an accident in time spaces where she met him, whose information was completely erased, most likely by the person himself. Then, they see a suspicious person with blond hair and white coat talking to past Nadeshiko. She remembers running into him, where he asked for her name in English. Riichirou is sure he’s the person they’ve been looking for.

They decide to prevent past Nadeshiko from meeting the suspicious person by using Riichirou. He scares her into running back to the school without talking to the suspicious person. LOL. When they try to jump back to the Distorted World, they’re surprised to see that the Distorted World doesn’t exist anymore. Instead, they find themselves at a peaceful world with blue skies. Apparently they altered the past and created divergence in the time-space. Whut? Riichirou’s sister thinks he was wearing a cosplay and laughed at it as she takes a picture of him in his silly outfit. ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ Why the world isn’t broken when they avoided her accident is still a mystery, though.

BTW, according to everything I’ve read in this game, changing the past should only create an alternate future and not actually alter established lives and worlds. So I can safely say that this ending breaks all Clock Zero physics for god knows why.


A couple months later, both Nadeshiko and Riichirou are college students. One day, they’re studying together at Riichirou’s place. He’s reading a book and won’t be bothered by her, so she starts playing with his fingers until he sighs and asks her to let go. He has a report due tomorrow and only let her over because she promised not to get in the way.

She feels lonely because he’s been really cold towards her lately. However, he’s actually been holding himself back. As he pulls her into his arms, he tells her that it holds a different meaning when he touches her as opposed to her touching him. She thinks there’s no difference whatsoever, so he warns her to prepare herself… and be by his side forever. (*´ω`*)


Nadeshiko kicks so much ass in Rittan’s route! She’s such an amazing heroine. She doesn’t sit around, waiting for someone to save her, and isn’t afraid to take charge of her own fate. She’s the best part of this route in my opinion. (*´∀`*)

Speaking of route, Riichirou is pretty cute, but his route is really frustrating for me. He’s not really there 50% of the time, and it made me feel so bad every time Nadeshiko feels sad and lonely because of him… or lack thereof. I understand that he’s having a hard time too, but all I could think about during his route was man, this kid needs serious emotional help.

One of his endings is also oddly confusing and totally breaks the Clock Zero physics. I figured the writer either had a change of heart or just didn’t give a flying fuck anymore. ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \

2 thoughts on “Clock Zero ~Shuuen no Ichibyou~ ExTime – Kanou Riichirou

  1. I agree with you. xD Rittan is MIA for the most part of his route so when they revealed what he had to go through, I was just sad and shed a tear or two. Not the super cray cray kind I did with Takato’s route lol.

    1. Rittan’s route is pretty sad, but since he’s never really there it was pretty hard to really sympathize with the guy. Like you said it’s just sad instead of omg waterfall of feels. And I think for the most part Riichirou was stuck in the past. Out of all the guys, I feel like he’s the most affected and troubled after Nadeshiko’s accident, even more so than Takato. (ノ△・。)

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