Clock Zero ~Shuuen no Ichibyou~ ExTime – Tokita Shuuya

I cried so many times during Shuuya’s route. ウワァァ━━。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。━━ン!!!!


Tokita Shuuya is an intelligent, but spacey, kid, who talks like a feudal lord, earning him the nickname tono (lit. feudal lord) by Nakaba. His mother was a popular actress, and, as a fifth grader, he also works as a model. He loves reading and hates vegetables.

One afternoon, Nadeshiko asks if Shuuya wants to go home together with her. Unfortunately, he can’t because he has a photoshoot right after school. Nadeshiko can’t imagine him working as a model though, so he drags her to the shooting location to prove himself. At the end of the day, Nadeshiko thinks he did amazing and that he can do anything he sets his mind to. He agrees. He has a responsibility, something he has to do to maintain peace. His “duty” rewards him with money, which leaves her wondering why an elementary schooler, who goes to a school for rich kids, needs to make a living.

Sometime later, she sees him wondering about by the school gate. Shuuya visits his mother, who’s staying at a hospital, a couple times a week and needs to visit her today, but he’s hesitating. Nadeshiko then offers to go with him, and he gratefully accepts. Her heart sank when she realizes his mother is staying at a mental hospital. There, she meets a scarily skinny woman: Tokita Rei the actress.

She doesn’t remember Shuuya as her son and thinks he’s just a kind kid who worries about and visits her often. (´・ω・`) On the way home, Shuuya thanks Nadeshiko for coming. Usually, he’s scared that his mother is going to get worse every time he steps into her room, but, thanks to her, today he wasn’t scared at all. He blames himself for his mother’s illness, and with no father in the picture, he’s been taking up modeling jobs to cover her medical bills.

One day after special supplementary lessons, Shuuya asks if Nadeshiko would go visit his mother again. She agrees and suggests they should bring something for her. They settle on a big bouquet of white cosmos. Rei looks really happy and thanks them when she receives it. As they walk home, Shuuya suddenly takes off. He comes back ten minutes later with a bouquet of pink cosmos and hands it to her as an expression of gratitude. He thinks the color suits her well. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ She’s surprised but at the same time very happy as she accepts the bouquet.

That he caused his mother to fall ill is the truth. He thought that was fate and there was nothing he can do about it, but Nadeshiko taught him that although he can’t change the past, he can change the present, like what they did today. He’s destined to follow a cruel path and involve her in it, but he swear on these flowers that he’d definitely never make her sad. She has no idea what he’s talking about, but she feels like she knows him better now.

On their day off, Shuuya visits her at home to take her on a surprise date, something that girls like according to a book he read. Nadeshiko is surprised but agrees. He asks that she leaves her bunny key chain at home, though, so they can spend some time alone. He’s unusually kind and generous that day, running around trying to please her. When he invited her over to his house, she notices paintings that he drew when he was two years old in 1998, which strikes her as odd because it’s her birth year, and Shuuya is a fifth grader, supposedly a year younger than her.

Nadeshiko asks why he’s being so nice today, and he gently touches her cheeks, saying maybe he just wants to be forgiven. He wants to make her happy and see her smile again. Even today, him being nice and all, originates from of her own selfishness. He remembers his true purpose. He originally came from a different world: her “dream” world. He lost almost all of his memory up until now, but even as a baby he retained enough knowledge and maturity to fulfill his duty. He believes that’s why his mother detested him and ended up sick.


He came to this world because there’s something he absolutely needs to do. He might make her sad, and he apologizes for not being able to tell her his “mission” just yet, but he definitely won’t let her get hurt because he’ll protect her. She doesn’t really understand what he’s saying, but she understands that he’s burdened with something. At the end of the day, he kisses her on the cheek, which leaves her dumbfounded LOL.

When Nadeshiko was transported to Distorted World, she learns from Kaede, her Yuushinkai assigned guard, that Shuuya is nicknamed “tono-sensei” and adored by his subordinates because he’s incredibly smart but treats them no differently. They see him sleeping on top of a komainu outside. He hasn’t been feeling well lately, but they thought it’s probably because he was sleeping on a broken statue. Nadeshiko asks if she being transported into this broken world is the cruel fate he was talking about. Obviously, he betrayed her by letting her be a prisoner and involve her in this world’s problem, but she can see in his eyes that he’s hurting too.

Shuuya doesn’t know of a way to bring her back to her original world yet. She’s OK with cooperating for now if it means she’d be able to go home once the government is defeated. He admires her strength and praises her for it. Then, Shuuya explains that the reason he’s the only person here who is the same person as the Shuuya she knows is because, like her, he only transported his consciousness to 2010 Shuuya right at the moment 2010 Shuuya was born. Before she could ask how or why, Tora interrupts them and returns her to her room.

That night, Shuuya brought dinner for her, but because she doesn’t feel like eating, he feeds her instead. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ He transferred his consciousness to past Shuuya to get close to her, so she asks why he didn’t transfer later, when Shuuya was older. Doing so would be dangerous because there would be a reaction—similar to an organ rejection—because 2010 Shuuya would have developed a different consciousness, and he could die.

He also lied about his age to get closer to her. In 2010, he was actually 14. He can’t be too close to her because it’d be too suspicious, so he chose to be a year younger in school than her. His mother in this world is doing well, though. She’s healthy and as energetic as she can be. He’s committed a grave sin but to save this world and his mother, he won’t hesitate anymore.

Nadeshiko is then taken to meet Yuushinkai leader, Yoshimune. She agrees to cooperate but wants to go back to her original world. However, Yoshimune can’t let her go home if she has some value they can use against the government. She realizes these people won’t hesitate to hurt her if it means they can get what they want. She’s scared, but then Shuuya stands up for her. He threatens to destroy or hand over information Yuushikai has to the government if they dare lay a hand on her. They should find a more peaceful method if they want to arrange a trade for the captured Yuushinkai leader. Since Shuuya is irreplaceable to the organization, he saved her from possibly being tortured. At least for the time being.


She hides her crying face from Shuuya when she gets back to her room, but he kisses her forehead and tells her that there’s nothing to be afraid of. He promises that he’ll definitely protect her, and he’ll never let anything bad or scary happen to her. She was kind and gave him courage when he needed it the most, so he wishes to do the same for her, although his wish is a cruel one because he was the one who brought her to this world in the first place, knowing all of this would happen.

That night, she dreams about all of her warm memories with Shuuya, including the one where he took care of a chicken egg until it hatched into a baby chick, which he named maruyaki プッ(※థэథ) (lit. a whole roast, usually of a pig ). She wonders what became of it.

Since coming back to Distorted World, Shuuya has been extremely forgetful, and Tora is worried it’s the soul transfer side effect. Then one day, he gives her a pressed violet flower bookmark. It’s a precious gift because after the world was destroyed, not much plants can be grown. However, he doesn’t remember ever giving her a bouquet of flowers when she mentions this is the second flower she had gotten from him. He swears, one more time, on this flower that he’ll protect her so she won’t feel sad anymore. He might lose his memory of her one day, but she says she’ll always remember. If he ever forgets, she’ll remind him of it so everything will be okay.

Yuushinkai receives a response from the government soon after. The government is not willing to negotiate and threatens to use military might against Yuushinkai if they don’t hand Nadeshiko over. She meant that much to the government, and Yuushinkai wants to use this opportunity. Shuuya is conflicted on which side to choose in this war. Rei reminds him that he only live once and should think about what the most important thing to him is.

Later, Nadeshiko remembers what happened to the baby chick. It was born weak, and although Shuuya tried to save it, it ended up dying. Nadeshiko doesn’t think that baby chick was unhappy, though. It lived to its fullest and was able to feel Shuuya’s kindness. She realizes that she loves his kindness, and even if he committed a grave sin and ended up hurting someone, she wants to forgive him. Forgive him, and then figure out a way to make everything all right together.

Not too long after, Nadeshiko finds out that Shuuya’s soul transfer failed. She was OK because she transferred using the government’s authentic technology, but he used Yuushinkai’s imitated one. He’s starting to feel the side effects. He’s slowly losing his memories and consciousness. Then he hugs her, and she notices that he’s shaking. To him, his memories of her were irreplaceable. With his limited time, he wants to return her to her original world.

Shuuya thought of a way to safely return her home, but she’s hesitant because he’d be branded a traitor in addition to already suffering from the transfer side effects. Kaede can’t promise to help, but he’ll keep it quiet before sneaking her out to meet Shuuya. After Kaede left, Nadeshiko tells Shuuya that she doesn’t want to leave him behind. Not because she’s kind, like he thought, but because she loves him. He’s been thinking lately about what the most important thing to him is too, and he found out that it’s her smile. If she stays in this world, he’ll someday forget about her. He doesn’t want to see her sad, so she needs to forget about him before she gets hurt. (´;д;`)

That night, the government storms Yuushinkai headquarters. Kaede helps her get away, and they run to Shuuya’s room to find him collapsed on the floor. He can’t even stand up on his own without hurting himself. Tora then shows up and is about to grab Nadeshiko, but Shuuya protects her despite his condition and begs him not to. He’ll do anything as long as Tora doesn’t hurt her. In the end, Tora cuts off her hair and lets them go as they whisper a thank you. Along with Kaede, they seek refuge at Rei’s house.


Shuuya’s physical and loss of memory get progressively worse. Shuuya wants Nadeshiko to be happy not just because he wants to atone for his sins but also because he wants to see her smile. She feels the same about him. There are people who were saved by his kindness, and she wants him to be happy. He then thanks her and asks for a glass of water, but he’s too weak to drink it by himself and asks for a mouth-to-mouth. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ But to be honest, he wants to feel her warmth and let her know that he loves her. Even if he loses his memory or consciousness, he’ll always remember the feelings that she taught him to feel. After they exchanged kisses, Shuuya closes his eyes and falls into a deep sleep.

Kaede and Rei returned with doctors who inform them that Shuuya is currently in a coma. Soul transfer side effects shouldn’t be this severe. They think the real problem is emotional. He’s exhausted from being attacked by his violent, clouded memories and sought refuge inside his dream. It’s a wonder he managed to last this long. Someone needs to align their brainwaves with Shuuya to enter his dream and get rid of the real source of his problem. Nadeshiko volunteers herself, but she only has thirty minutes to save him. When she enters his dream, she finds herself at their empty school, a manifestation of Shuuya’s consciousness.

[END 27 – Last Smile]

Nadeshiko looks around the school but runs out of time. When Shuuya opens his eyes, he asks who she is. He can’t remember anything, not even things about himself, and forgets everything he’s told right after.


Shuuya surely wouldn’t want to see her tortured like this, so Rei and Kaede ask her to give up on him. She refuses and runs in to Shuuya’s room. When he wakes up, he asks her not to cry. He’s not sure why, but it’s really hard for him to see her sad. Then, he hands her a white frilled carnation, also known as nadeshiko, which means “pure love” in flower language, and asks her to forget about him. As Nadeshiko thanks him, he smiles at her for the last time.

She finds Shuuya, in his 2010 form, at the lounge room where CZ members have their meetings. He’s been waiting for everyone every day, but nobody showed up. He wants to wait a little longer for them, but Nadeshiko asks him to go home with her and find everyone instead of waiting here all by himself. Finally, Shuuya takes her hand, and she wakes up.

Soon after she wakes up, Shuuya finally came to. There’s no guarantee that he’s going to get better, so he wants to send her back to her original world. He’ll go with her too to prevent her accident, although soul transferring right now might endanger his life.


Shuuya insists on going and apologizes to his mother for wanting to leave this world behind, but he doesn’t want to give up a future with Nadeshiko. Rei smiles and expresses her support of his decision. Worst case scenario, he’d lose his memories, but his 2010 body would be safe. He promises Nadeshiko that he’ll save her and live. When Nadeshiko wakes up, she sees all CZ members and, later, Shuuya, at the CZ lounge. He tells her that she’s late. It’d make a good story, though, for a princess to find her prince instead of the other way around. (๑´ლ`๑)

Even without knowing the whole story, CZ members protect Nadeshiko from Kaga. Shuuya tells Takato a way to prevent her accident: stop his research on Clock Zero. The person who was responsible for her accident was connected to Takato’s research. Kaga laughs, pretending not to know what they’re talking about, and leaves. They never see him again.


Later, Nadeshiko and Shuuya are in the library. He’s doing great and not feeling any side effects from transferring. However, she’s going to lose her memories of the Distorted World in a month. She asks him to remind her of her precious memories of him if she ever forgets. Shuuya promises that he will, forever. He starts thinking what he should do to propose to her. He kisses her cheek and swears that he’d always be by her side no matter what. She promises to do the same. Then, they realize that Nakaba and the others have been eavesdropping on them and were enjoying the show. ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \

Ten years later, Shuuya still works as a model and even shows up on TV. Rei got better years ago and returned to showbiz. He’s always surrounded by fan girls, but he assures her that he thinks of other girls as vegetables. LOL. He realizes that she’s jealous so he promises to spoil her rotten.


When they return to his house, Shuuya hands her a marriage certificate, but his handwriting is so bad that they won’t be able to submit it. He’s been researching to find out the best time and way to show it to her, so he’s surprised when she offers to fill in his part as well. Then, he pushes her down onto the sofa. She’s just too cute when she started rambling about the wedding. They swore to be by each other’s side ten years ago. Now, all that’s left is for them to protect that promise forever.


Nadeshiko refuses to let him risk his life. That night, Shuuya collapses, and the doctors say it’s now all up to him to fight for his life. She stays with him all night, holding his hand as he tells her that he doesn’t want to forget a thing about her.

Shuuya would wake up every couple of days just for a short amount of time before he falls into a deep sleep again. She stays behind in the Distorted World with him and helps looking for a cure. One day, Rei was panicking so Nadeshiko checks up on Shuuya but can’t find anything wrong with him. She kisses his cheek, telling him that she loves and will always be waiting for him.

Suddenly, he wakes up. He’s not a man if he can’t answer her confession properly. He remembers everything. He woke up earlier and surprised Rei. Then, he kisses her and apologizes because he can’t stop anymore even though he knows Rei and Kaede are eavesdropping on them. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ Even if they can only see each other after a prolonged time, like Orihime and Hikoboshi, she doesn’t mind waiting for him until she’s old.


I love Shuuya soooo much. _(:3」∠)_ He’s such a great character—incredibly smart and kind—and his route is incredibly moving. I think Ishida also did an amazing job voicing Shuuya. Kaede is also such a bro in his route! Yuushinkai is horrible in this route, though, so I’m not super happy with them. I do have to say that I’m pretty disappointed with his STAY ending though. It comes with no CG and everything feels rather unresolved. (´;д;`) It’s more resolved in the after epilogue, so at least there’s that.

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