Clock Zero ~Shuuen no Ichibyou~ ExTime – Saionji Toranosuke

While I don’t exactly remember the story line from Clock Zero PSP, I do remember liking Tora’s route the least, so I decided to get his route out of the way first. Tora is an adorable character, although sometimes he legit scares me. (´・ω・`) On top of that, I’m not a huge fan of Yuushinkai. They can be such pricks sometimes.


Tora is the group’s troublemaker and local thug. He’s pretty scary and distant but warms up quickly when Nadeshiko insists on hanging out with him despite his less-than-favorable reputation. After spending time together with him, she soon realizes that Tora is not a bad person at all. He’s a sixth grader and loves tinkering with machines (and fighting, according to him).

Nadeshiko notices how violent Tora can be when a couple of middle schoolers picks a fight with him. Despite being younger and smaller, Tora beats them all by himself. He doesn’t stop there and keeps beating them even after they can’t fight back anymore, which disturbs her. She tries talking to him about it, but Tora gets irritated and leaves.

One day after school, Tora suggests they should sneak into the empty school building. Nadeshiko reluctantly agrees (mostly because he doesn’t mention anything illegal until after they meet up that night), and they roam around the dark hallway until they hear the school’s patrol guard approaching. They hide, cramming inside a small broom locker, and Nadeshiko can’t help but feel a little nervous and embarrassed that they’re practically hugging each other… and Tora teases her for making such an interesting expression when he suggests that they should stay this way longer. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪

Nadeshiko runs into Tora, who is carrying grocery bags, outside of school a couple days later. They walk together to Tora’s house, which is actually shrine, and he invites her in to play video games… in which Nadeshiko kicks his ass LOL. When Tora steps outside of the room, Nadeshiko is greeted by his younger brothers. As it turns out, Tora is responsible for most of the household chores because his parents aren’t around. He also expresses a strong dislike toward his father. They’re currently living with their grandfather, the shrine priest, and Tora is left to take care of his younger brothers.

When Nadeshiko wakes up in the Distorted World, she meets a tall, red-haired man, known to others as waka (lit. young master), she had been seeing in her dreams again. He reveals his true name: Saionji Toranosuke. They’re currently at Yuushinkai’s headquarters, which turns out to be the same shrine as Tora’s former house. There, Tora makes it clear that she’s not a guest. They didn’t bring her here to save but to use her as a pawn to bring down the government because, for some unknown reason, she’s the King’s weakness.

Since Nadeshiko wants to go back to her world as soon as possible, she offers to cooperate with Yuushinkai despite her fear. Tora applauds her bravery and agrees to let her meet Yuushinkai’s leader. After Tora left, she notices that no one is guarding her room. She decides to look around for information but is soon discovered by Yuushinkai members. She tries to brush them off, to no avail, until a strange man shows up, scaring the thugs, and beats them up with a cane. WTF.

He apologizes on behalf of his subordinates and introduces himself as Yoshimune, Yuushinkai’s leader. Nadeshiko explains her intentions, and he agrees to her request this one time, although he warns her not to get ahead of herself. She shouldn’t forget that she’s a prisoner and therefore can’t demand anything. Just because she might have some value to them doesn’t mean that he can’t kill her. Yoshimune escorts her back to her room and ­­beats Kaede, her assigned prison guard, up for letting her out. When Tora shows up, Nadeshiko realizes that he purposely let her escape to put her in her place.


After Yuushinkai sent a letter to the government, demanding its dismissal in exchange for Nadeshiko, the government demanded them to hand her over uninjured or it will utilize its military might against their organization in response. As suggested by Yoshimune, Tora cuts off parts of Nadeshiko’s hair and send it to the government as a warning. He thinks it’s such a waste because her hair is beautiful and suits her well. She ignores it, but he knows that she’s actually really scared. His kindness touches her, but he warns her that believing in him will only cause her pain. However, she believes that Tora is not a bad person, no matter what he says.

The next day, Nadeshiko realizes there’s no use in wishing for someone to save her. She then fakes a stomachache, which is, surprisingly, enough to send Kaede away from his post for a doctor. She tricks another guard into letting her leave the premises, and she runs away, leaving the place behind.

[END 19 – The First Birdcage]
Nadeshiko ends up at the government building and captured. A gentle voice tells her that there’s nothing to be scared about anymore before she loses consciousness.

[END 20 – The Second Birdcage]
Nadeshiko ends up at Ground Zero, where the clock tower is, but can’t find anybody. Yuushinkai members catch up to her and imprisons her again.

[END 21 – The Third Birdcage]
Nadeshiko has nowhere to go and no one to turn to, so she’s captured at the Yuushinkai headquarters’ entrance. Yoshimune beats her up to make sure she doesn’t run away again. WTF. ಠ_ಠ

Soon, she runs into a familiar young man from her dream. However, they’re interrupted by and get chased by the government police. Nadeshiko keeps running behind the young man until Tora shows up and hide her in an alley until their chasers lose them. Although Tora understands why she wants to run away, Yuushinkai has no intention of hurting her and they can offer her compassion, to some extent. His words irritate Nadeshiko, because she believes Yuushinkai wouldn’t hesitate sending her dead body to the government if it will get them what they want.

Tora then takes her back to Yuushinkai headquarters. It actually isn’t a matter of liking or disliking her to him. He has a duty to protect the organization and a desire to overthrow the current government. To him, she’s a necessary piece to the puzzle. Upon hearing this, Nadeshiko feels sad and frustrated. The Tora that she knows isn’t like this at all. He may be scary at times, but he’s honest and would never thoughtlessly hurt someone. Tora condemns her for thinking that she knows him at all and even pities 2010 Tora for following a spoiled princess like her around.


Unexpectedly, Nadeshiko slaps him across the face. Tora then pushes her down onto the bed and covers her mouth. From the way she’s been acting, he can guess that she’s in love with the 2010 version of him. She realizes that the Tora that she knows may not always be kind, but he’s a warm person, and she wants to know more about him. She tries to hold back her tears but can’t. He’s Tora, no matter which world he came from, and she truly wants to trust him. Hearing this, he draws closer, licks away her tears, and apologizes. He asks her not to make him out to be such a bad guy, but she retorts by saying that he is one, and a spectacular one at that.

After Tora leaves, Nadeshiko falls asleep. When she wakes up, some Yuushinkai members drag her to see Bishop and the government police outside. Yuushinkai members think that the government looks down on them because they won’t do anything to her. They then try to attack her with a sword, but Tora jumps in front of her and bleeds heavily as a result. Knowing that she’s precious to the government, Nadeshiko threatens to kill herself if the government doesn’t pull back. After Bishop and the government police retreated, she tends to Tora’s injuries, ignoring bitchy Yuushinkai members making comments at her. Tora weakly scolds her for being so reckless, then he loses consciousness.

Nadeshiko nurses him back to health after the incident. Yuushinkai members treat her better since, although some still gives her the stink eye. When she brings him his food one day, she accidentally sees him topless. She freaks out, but he only needs help changing his bandages. She can’t look at him without feeling embarrassed, so she tries to help without looking. To distract herself, she starts recounting the many numbers of pi. LOL. They get along so well that Yuushinkai members start teasing them, but Tora tells her to leave them be. (*´ω`*)

Without Tora’s knowledge, Yoshimune arranges a prisoner swap between Nadeshiko and captured Yuushinkai’s true leader, Shigure, and orders Kaede to execute it. She’s taken to Clock Zero against her will, but Tora saves her, and his wound is reopened as a result. They can’t go back to Yuushinkai because Tora disobeyed Yoshimune, so they spend the night at Riichirou’s hideaway house.


She notices how pale he is and takes care of his injury. Then, he points out that her leg is grazed. It’s her turn to be taken care of, so he disinfects her injury with his tongue because he can’t find any tools to do so with. WTF is this CG. She’s injured on her calf so why is he playing with her foot. ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ She’s extremely embarrassed and asks him to stop, but he refuses to. LOL. Tora was angry when he found out that she had been traded. He won’t hand her over to the government or everything he’s done is for nothing. She thanks him for saving her although he knew Yoshimune would be unhappy.

The next day, Nadeshiko finally learns that Yoshimune is Tora’s biological father. Now it makes sense why Yuushinkai members call him “young master.” He doesn’t like acknowledging it, though. Yoshimune blindly loves his wife. Since Tora was little, Yoshimune physically abused him because he believed Tora stole his wife away from him, and Tora’s mom let it slide when the beatings began happening. Yoshimune also hated the fact that Tora has different colored eyes, so Tora started hiding one of his eyes. Nadeshiko thinks perhaps he did that because he truly only wanted his father to accept and love him.

One day, Yoshimune left Tora and his siblings at the shrine because he thought they were all noisy, useless brats. Since then, Tora swore he’d never be anything like his father, so he got offended when his dad pointed out that they’re very similar to each other. Nadeshiko thinks that Tora is Tora, no matter what, and she’s not afraid of him anymore. He blushes and tells her that he doesn’t hate her.

Against his better judgement, Tora returns to Yuushinkai because there’s a chance they can send her back to her original world there. Unfortunately, Yoshimune shows up and asks why Nadeshiko is still here. Tora answers that he wanted to make her his, so he stole her and abandoned Shigure in the process. He’s worried about Shigure as well because she’s his mother, but he wants Nadeshiko more than he wants to save Shigure.

Yoshimune isn’t happy and starts beating Tora up, but he’s not fighting back. Yoshimune then taunts him by asking Nadeshiko if she really is in love with Tora, or if she only thinks that she is because Tora resembles the 2010 version of him, a different person who is also called Saionji Toranosuke.

[END 24 – The Two Toras]

Nadeshiko doesn’t know the answer to that. To her, both Toras are one and the same. Tora looks at her with lonely eyes, and then someone hits her unconscious. She wakes up in Tora’s room, and she has no idea how long she was out for. Tora asks her if she loves the person she’s in front of right now, and she says yes. He’s relieved because that means she doesn’t need the other “Tora.” He really is similar to Yoshimune, after all.

She’s confused as to what Tora is talking about but then realizes his arms are covered in blood. She also notices a bloody knife and something else in his possession: a black eyepatch 2010 Tora always wears. Realizing what had happened while she was unconscious, she cries as she remembers the memories she shared with the late Tora.

Nadeshiko knows that the two Toras are different people. She needs Tora, the one who is standing in front of her right now, and wants to be with him. Suddenly, other Yuushinkai members barge in the room. Tora uses this chance to take her and run while Yoshimune lets them leave.


Nadeshiko is worried that Tora’s fever will go up and his wound will reopen, but he interrupts by calling her name and kissing her. He wants her to say that she wants to steal him away—not 2010 Tora, not Riichirou—but him, as someone she loves and needs. However, he keeps kissing her to the point that she can’t even physically answer him. (ી(΄◞ิ౪◟ิ‵)ʃ)

When she finally answers, he laughs and calls her interesting but agrees to be hers—all of him—and she, his. Tora then returns to Yuushinkai and strikes a deal with Yoshimune: he promises to bring Shigure back if he leaves them alone, because now he knows where she really is. Some members, including Kaede, choose to side with him. Later, Tora tells Nadeshiko that he lied to his father about Shigure and asks if she wants to go back to her original world. She needs to decide right now because this is the only chance they have of doing so. After this, they most likely won’t return to Yuushinkai.


Nadeshiko feels guilty, but she wants to go home. Tora assures her that there’s nothing for her to apologize over and jokingly tells her not to play around with guys other than 2010 Tora. She doesn’t need to worry about a thing because he’s coming too. He promised to be hers so he’ll protect her no matter what.


To prevent her accident, Tora jumps back in time and gets rid of the root of her problems. He kills Kaga Akira, and, consequently, Kaidou Takato’s existence. However, he knowingly distorts time-space continuum and risks his own existence. Tora then shows up to meet her, acting all cheery… with bloodied hands. He wishes her well and no matter where in this world she may be, he’ll always be watching over her. The minute he starts to disappear, Nadeshiko loses consciousness. Before everything turns black, he whispers that he loves her. (´;ω;`)

Ten years later, in 2020, Nadeshiko lost her memories of the Distorted World and is currently dating Normal World Tora. She’s stomping away angrily from him because he showed up late for their date. He finally apologizes and offers to buy her a really good dinner. For some reason, their banters and his habit of patting her head are strangely familiar to her, although she can’t remember why. Tora gently pats her head and asks if she’s scared about anything, but she answers that she isn’t because he’s here by her side.



Nadeshiko wants to be with Tora and stays behind in the Distorted World. A couple months after she came to this world, Tora is now the leader of a new organization he founded with the people who followed him from Yuushinkai. He’s busy looking for Shigure, and she helps gather information from the familiar young man she ran into a while ago. He’s surprisingly knowledgeable and has been a huge help, although he still keeps his identity a secret. However, Tora is jealous that she’s been spending time with another man and teases her in bed when she gets back. Realizing that he’s actually unhappy, Nadeshiko wraps her arms around him, thinking that he reminds her of a big, needy dog.


Bruh. As I mentioned before, Tora is an adorable character, but I seriously despise Yuushinkai. They treat Nadeshiko like crap, and they’re pretty much the main reason why this route is my least favorite. Shuuya and Riichirou’s routes also involve Yuushinkai, but the organization is extremely special in Tora’s because it’s part of his identity.

By the way, Yoshimune is a sick bastard, and to be honest, I think he’s more of a threat to Nadeshiko’s well-being than King (and the government) will ever be. Nadeshiko is super awesome though, and she kicks so much ass. Needless to say, I did enjoy the cute moments between Tora and Nadeshiko, and I find the fact that he refers to her as お嬢 super adorable. (*´∀`*) He’s insane stubborn and rebellious, but every thing he does, he does with her best interest in mind. I really can’t hate the guy. It’s really just the people he’s associated with.

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